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Exclusive: Nightmares Unlimited Creates Collab Piece That Mixes Hellraiser and Phantasm!



Talk about another great way to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Hellraiser!

Today marks an exciting day with our coverage of Mark Phillips and his Nightmares Unlimited prop outfit. Not only are we lucky enough to present yet another piece of work from Phillips but this time it’s a collaboration piece with Derek Neal of Configuration Boxes! If you’re a horror convention junkie, you’ve no doubt run across Neal and his beautiful Lamentation Configuration prop recreations, which are based on the versions seen throughout Clive Barker’s Hellraiser franchise.

The two joined forces to bring a new kind of horror mashup terror to reality in the form of “The Cenosphere”. Combining elements of both Hellraiser and Phantasm, the prop is a spherical Lamentation Configuration that features the pointed spikes of the Phantasm sphere with a few additional chains and hooks to make sure the unfortunate soul on the wrong end of this device gets completely and utterly destroyed. Should there ever be a crossover between these two franchises, this may very well be the piece that will be credited for inspiring it!

Phillips explains how this collaboration took place, telling Dread Central, “Derek Neal of Configuration Boxes and I met about 6 weeks ago at Flashback Weekend. We were discussing the Hell-Razor glove when he asked if I had seen his lament spheres. We both kind of looked at each other and decided to collaborate on a Hellraiser/Phantasm mash up! I can see The Tallman and Pinhead teaming up if they ran into each other. The Red Planet gets the bodies, Hell gets the souls! Truly a match made in Hell! So, I sat down and drew up the designs and it was born.

“Derek Neal makes the spheres. I cut the blades and have them engraved by Billy Effner at Engraveyard Studios. He also helped me with the design pattern on the blades. And I put them all together. Special shout out to my buddy Forrest Warner for coming up with a bad ass name…the Cenosphere!

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