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Perturbator Issues Forth a Tactical Precision Disarray



French synthwave master Perturbator has released the second single from his upcoming EP New Model in the form of “Tactical Precision Disarray”. Originally released as a standalone track back in December of 2016, the song will be the second track on the upcoming EP.

The track slowly builds to a viciously aggressive assault in the middle before slowly easing back into something sinister, the outro bearing malicious tones and exuding a frightful vibe. Basically, it’s awesome and my week is off to a good start!

New Model comes out on October 20th and consists of six tracks running just under 35 minutes. It’s described as, “…utter madness, gnarled and distorted low-end, and eschewing all modern rules of tempo.” It will also, “…out your core, guiding you on a dystopian odyssey through the underbelly of fierce glitch and madness.

The album will be released jointly by Blood Music and Music of the Void, the latter of which is Perturbator’s own label.

Track list:
1) Birth of the New Model
2) Tactical Precision Disarray
3) Vantablack
4) Tainted Empire
5) Corrupted by Design
6) God Complex



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