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David Graham Has Created Another Fantastic Alien Poster



DC favorite David Graham is back with another astonishing poster design for Ridley Scott’s 1979 sci-fi/horror masterpiece Alien. For this design, Graham did a face-on approach to the Xenormorph, offering forth a highly detailed vision of Giger’s terrifying creation. However, what’s fascinating here is that Graham used elements from other sources as the pieces of a puzzle that, when put together and given his twist, create the final product you see before you.

Graham told me, “I pieced it together from a butt load of centipede, horseshoe crab, jellyfish, animal teeth pics and, of course, a skull. And more gruesome muscle, tendon, and guts than you can imagine! My goal was to NOT use any 3D or existing Alien reference and to pay homage to Giger O.G. design.

To David, I can tell you that this homage works and it works beautifully! For as familiar as the Xenomorph is to horror fans, something about this design gives it a different kind of character, a uniqueness that allows it to stand out from the ones seen in both Alien and Aliens.

You can follow David’s work through his official website or on Twitter.



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