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Ghastlies Trailer Unveiled Prior to Film’s November Release



It’s been over a year since we last heard anything about Camp Motion Pictures’ Ghastlies, but finally we have some release details for you plus a brand-new trailer.  Read on for the info!

Ghastlies arrives in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack and on Digital this coming November 7th. Executive produced by Camp Motion Pictures owner Michael Raso, written by Chris Bavota, and directed by genre stalwart Brett Kelly (My Fair Zombie, Attack of the Jurassic Shark), Ghastlies tells the tale of sorority sisters who accidentally unleash a trio of ghastly ghouls from an underground bunker during a weekend getaway in the country.

The film stars Kim Valentine, Jessica Huether, Julie Mainville, Eric Deniverville, and Joel Elliot.

Bonus features include:

  • “Tomb Talks Tubular Toonage” Interview with Composer Tomb Dragomir
  • “Going Ghastlies” FX Featurette
  • Commentary with Director Brett Kelly and Actor Trevor Payer
  • “They’re Ghastlies” Music Video
  • Double-sided Wrap

Three sorority sisters plan an initiation for their nerdy friend during a weekend getaway. Things don’t go exactly as planned when they accidentally stumble upon a craft containing a trio of extraterrestrial ghastly ghouls. Armed with only their boyfriends and brains, they resolve to send these pint-sized gatecrashers back to the edge of the universe – or die trying. Ghastlies is an exuberant homage to 1980s tiny critter movies featuring a tubular electro-pop score.



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