The Official SEQUEL to Lucio Fulci’s ZOMBIE is coming TODAY!

That iconic zombie face first burst into theaters (and theater LOBBYS) almost forty years ago, with the unforgettable tag line WE ARE GOING TO EAT YOU! Well, guess what?  That face, and those zombies, are back again, and it’s a sequel worth waiting for!

In JUST A FEW HOURS, the first epic 4-issue ZOMBIE sequel start to go on sale at Eibon Press, who are keeping the fire alive with FULCI’S INFERNO!  This is the first issue of the first-ever official follow up to the 1980 gore classic, which continues the action just after the film leaves off!  If you’ve been following Eibon for the past year, you know we’ve been up to some crazy stuff, but this is our most exciting project yet.  We have the blessings of the original producers on this baby, and nothing quite like it has yet been seen in the history of zombie movie sequels.  For those who are familiar with the characters of Fulci’s film, we have all the surviving humans back for more . . . and Lucio Fulci himself takes a turn in the action as our first ALL NEW recurring character in the series.  Our artist has drawn him into the action and he was   POSSESSED by the spirit of Lucio.  Plus we even have the RETURN OF SHARK VS. ZOMBIE!  So this is a very special comic book indeed!  And very gory too. Obvs.

The action begins FRIDAY AUGUST 11, only at the Eibon Press website!  It’s NOT AVAILABLE IN ANY STORE OR IN ANY GRAHIC NOVEL COLLECTION. You can only get this incredible sequel in 4 single issues, starting with this one.  The good news is that these are the most incredible, hand-crafted collector’s comics ever made, so everybody wins.



–Stephen Romano, Writer

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Stephen Romano

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