The Horrors of Fantasia 07: Day 1

The Horrors of Fantasia!It’s that time of the year again; Fantasia where we put our health, our sanity, our relationships and our livelihood, on the line to bring you, dedicated Dread Central reader, the up to the minute happenings of Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival!

It’s impossible to pick highlights this early, since Fantasia is all about subverting expectations and finding your favorite new film amongst a horde of movies you would never have otherwise seen. That said, what will we be seeing that horror hounds care about this year?

We’ll be there for the first screening of the finished theatrical cut of Hatchet, and will tell you if the “old school” remained intact after the MPAA imposed cuts. We’re all hoping the latest Ketchum adaptation The Girl Next Door follows in the faithful footsteps of Chris Sivertson’s The Lost, which screened at last year’s festival. Larry Fessenden’s Wendigo follow up, The Last Winter, aims to make environmental collapse a tangible menace. Sion Sono is sure to shock audiences with what is looking like the ultimate icky hair movie, Exte: Hair Extensions. David Arquette kills more hippies than bad acid ever did in his flower power massacre, The Tripper. The 80’s come back in big way with Robert Kurtzman’s extremely gooey, angry mutant flick, The Rage. Uwe Boll pushes the boundaries of bad taste and bad filmmaking with his hilariously off-color Postal. Jeremy Kasten unveils his Wizard of Gore remake, as fans of Crispin Glover, and Suicide Girls rejoice. Splatmeister Fred Vogel shows us his softer side with The Redsin Tower. Picking up Vogel’s faux snuff reins, J.T. Petty makes us ponder our horror infatuation with S&Man. And I haven’t even mentioned that there’s not one, not two, but three new Takashi Miike films screening this year: Big Bang Love: Juvenille A, Sun Scarred and Zebraman. None appear to be horror, but with Miike, you just never know. Lastly, Mitch has assured us that Right at Your Door, 13 Beloeved, Mulberry Street and The Signal are all going to knock our horror loving socks off. And, oh, by the way, nearly all the films I just listed will be screened with their respective directors in attendance.

Tonight we’ll be seeing The Signal and Flight of the Living Dead, so check back later for opening weekend coverage. McCannibal starts the coverage off right with his review of the opening night movie Perfect Creature (review). Try to contain your jealousy … Or get off your ass and come to Montreal and check out the madness that is Fantasia for yourself!

Evil Andy

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