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TNT on Why New Tales From the Crypt Will Remain Untold



We told you back in early June that TNT’s redux of “Tales From the Crypt” was on “indefinite hiatus,” and TNT chief creative officer Kevin Reilly has explained exactly what went wrong.

“The underlying rights to the classic, vintage property are complicated,” Reilly tells Deadline. “TNT and others have been pursuing a solution for more than a year, with significant progress being made. We look forward to the potential for further active development of this valuable franchise once the clearance process is fully resolved.”

He adds, “It’s been fun with lawyers; it’s been really fun. We did not know from the get-go, or else we would not have announced it and made a big deal out of it. But in fact there were rights. It is among the most — if not the most — complicated rights structure I’ve ever seen in my career, and we had no idea as we got into it. It became a nightmare. So we said, ‘Fine.’ If and when this gets cleaned up, we’ll revisit.

Why can’t we ever have nice things? Why?




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