Co-Op Resident Evil?

Resident Evil goes co-op!The official Japanese Resident Evil site (or Biohazard as it’s known in Japan) has put up another trailer (see it here) that gives us a deeper look at the upcoming Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles for the Wii and reveals a few exciting details.

First, in a lot of shots from the game you can see two crosshairs aiming around the scenes, finally confirming that you and a buddy are going to be able to blast through this overview of the Resident Evil series. So far we’ve only really seen footage covering Resident Evil 1, but this video has a lot of footage from RE 0 and shows Jill fighting zombies on the streets of Raccoon City which would be during the events of RE 3.

A number of boss fights are shown; pretty much every boss fight from the original Resident Evil has been shown now. We even see one of the bosses from RE 0. This basically confirms that we’re going to see just about every area from the original game and more than one area from the prequel which suggests that the game is going to be pretty sizeable.

When you then throw in the fact that the game features a new scenario, now revealed to be set in 2003, anyone with fears of another short light gun game should be able to relax now.

And what of that new scenario? According to Resident Evil 4, 2003 is the year that Umbrella were put out of business, but it was never explained how that happened. The trailer all but confirms that Umbrella Chronicles is going to cover that untold story and hints pretty strongly that Albert Wesker, long time villain of the series, is going to be a playable character during that chapter.

As ever the graphics are looking surprisingly good for a Wii game, and with each showing it looks more and more action packed and intense. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles is slated for release sometime this winter.


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