Another Chance to See Wizard

Kasten on the set of Wizard of Gore!Seems like more people wanted to see Jeremy Kasten’s redux of Wizard of Gore than even the man himself suspected, as they’ve added an additional screening of the film since the first two sold out.

That’s gotta feel damn good!

Kasten let us know that the movie will have one last screening tomorrow night, June 29th, at the Majestic Crest Theater, 1262 Westwood Blvd, in Los Angeles at 7pm. Our man Kasch is supposed to be hitting a screening of it soon, one reason being because when he visited the set they let him actually be it in briefly, so expect some feedback soon!

Wizard of Gore is a remake of the H.G. Lewis film of the same name, one of the first truly gore-filled films in cinematic history. Kasten has modernized and updated the concept to include Crisipin Glover as the titular evil magician, the Suicide Girls as his lovely assistants, and Jeffrey Combs (those’re his dreadlocks you see in the pic to the right) as a madman.

To learn more about the film be sure to vist the official Wizard of Gore site, and give a listen to my recent interview with director Jeremey Kasten here!

Johnny Butane

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