Jane Enters a Dark Country

Thomas Jane talks Dark CountryI’m telling you guys, Thomas Jane is a man we should all be looking up to as someone who has great plans for our genre.

Along with starring in films like The Mist and creating his own production banner, Raw Entertainment, with Steve Niles, the actor cum everything else in Hollywood is prepping his directorial debut, a 3-D endeavor called Dark Country.

STYD spoke with the man recently, who gave a bit of info about how the film will start but doesn’t go into a helluva lot of detail from there. The film follows a couple traveling to Las Vegas. “They come across a body in the road who seems to be a terrible accident,” Jane explained. “He’s still alive, so they pick him up and try to find a hospital. The guy wakes up in the backseat terrified and freaked-out, wondering if people are after him. [The couple are] trying to get the story out of him but he’s been horribly wounded. He’s just a mess, broken and bloody. He starts talking all paranoid and then attacks the husband. Tries to kill him. They almost crash the car. The husband – our hero – picks up a rock and ends up killing the guy and they don’t know what to do with him. So, they start to panic and bury him out in the desert. Everything goes downhill from there.”

What the hell could’ve been after him that would lead him to attack his only possibly saviors? Must be something very evil. Like Mormons.

Though he’s shooting the movie as 3-D, he’s also making sure a 2-D print will exist as well since most theaters aren’t equipped to show 3-D and the ones that will be soon will likely only have one or two theaters for it, reserved for James Cameron-caliber movies. Good thinking on his part.

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