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#SDCC17: Meet Cuddles! The Living Dead Dolls Start Talking!



Cuddles Living Dead Doll

Coulrophobic? Then you better run for the hills with all the dexterity of a wild cheetah hungry for a scampering elk from the following new product from Living Dead Dolls. Not only is it a clown… BUT SHE TALKS! Meet Cuddles!

Date of death: 3/17/1942 at 3:33am
Cuddles is such a nut bag, with her big red bulbous nose. But when your beau is Schitzo, that’s just how it goes. Murdered by a clown she knew, then painted in his image. To forever wander by his side, the sum of a mangled visage.

With six chilling phrases spoken at the press of a discreetly hidden button on the doll’s back, Cuddles marks the first ever talking Living Dead Doll. From sinister giggles to ominous threats with a cheery tone, Cuddles is the perfect “conversation piece.”

Just don’t stare. She might pluck your eye out.

Product availability: Laid to rest
Original MSRP: $26.00

Can’t wait to get your hands on her? You can order Cuddles this coming Wednesday, June 21st, via the Mezco Toyz website. Cuddles will also be haunting the San Diego Comic-Con at the Mezco booth (#3445).

Cuddles Living Dead Doll




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