Big Bad Wolves Directors Next Story Occurs Once Upon a Time in Palestine

Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado, the directors behind 2013’s stellar black comedy/thriller Big Bad Wolves (review), have announced that their next film will be titled Once Upon a Time in Palestine, per Variety. The film takes place in 1946 British-ruled Palestine where the government decides to execute five Israeli para-military freedom fighters of Irgun. Three teenagers, who wish to join Irgun, decide that the proper way to deal with the situation is to kidnap two British soldiers for use as leverage.

Keshales and Papushado explain that the film is, “…at times funny and at times nerve-wracking portrayal of Israel’s birth of a nation, a kidnap thriller packed with shocking twists, touches of dark comedy and even romance.”

Producer Chilik Michaeli adds, “…It’s the directors’ most ambitious project to date as it aspires to blend elements from spaghetti Westerns, war movies, romantic comedies and even silent films.

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