New Horror From R-Point Helmer

GP 506 pic!For those of you that saw Su-chang Kong’s first foray into straight-up horror, R-Point (review) (Tell Me Something was more dramatic), you likely saw a well-shot filmed with a creepy setting but, sadly, very little payoff. Indeed, at the end of the day R-Point didn’t make a hell of a lot of sense.

His next horror outing, G.P. (Guard Point) 506 sounds much more straightforward in its attempt to appeal to the horror crowd. 24 Frames Per Second got the first word on the film, the plot of which goes a little something like this:

A strange multiple murder case has just occurred. A squad of soldiers from Guard Point 506 has been brutally killed, all except one. Every body was either crushed, or had their heads cut from their neck. The only survivor is in a coma, and the case is a complete mystery. A military investigator (Chun Ho Jin) is dispatched. It soon becomes apparent this is no ordinary investigation when he is confronted by the discovery that a strange virus is turning soldiers into zombie-like killers…!

Zombies? In a Korean movie? I can’t remember the last time that happened (though I’m sure someone out there will for me) so color me interested in this one. I just hope, with a premise like that, Kong doesn’t try and go for a subtle, quiet approach to the horror like he did with R-Point; this is a movie that sounds like it needs in-your-face terrors.

Johnny Butane

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