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Doug Bradley as Pinhead – More Details and Exclusive Pics!



Dog Bradley as Pinhead

Yesterday we shared with you an exclusive image of Doug Bradley in full Pinhead make-up for the first time in 14 years. Doug’s doing this for the first time ever at Mad Monster Party in Phoenix, Arizona, but we also learned that this will be no ordinary photo op.

Doug (or should we say Pinhead) will be there on a hand-built set that’s been created to accommodate from 1-4 victims, complete with working Lament Configuration, lights, and music! It will literally be like stepping into the world of Hellraiser like never before so why not indulge your darkest fantasies?

The artists doing the make-up for Doug in this test run are Steve Tolin and Kyle Roberts of Tolin FX in Pittsburgh. They on came on board the project at Easter and have been instrumental in recreating the iconic make-up. Kyle will also be applying the make-up in Phoenix.

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We also did a little digging into the creation of the set itself. Turns out we all have Steph Sciullo to thank for that and more as she has coordinated the whole project, not only what you see happening in the images below, but dealing with the team in Phoenix who are currently building the set and handling lighting, sound, photography, etc. That’s quite the undertaking, and we want Steph to know that fans appreciate all of her hard work for bringing this whole wondrously dark endeavor to fruition!

Sean Boyle and Allison took on the task of creating the costume for the event. This incredible photo op will cost $260 per ticket and allows up to four patrons on a single buy. Bradley’s autograph is included in the ticket price.

Enough talk! On to the goods!

Doug Bradley as Pinhead

Left to right: Kyle Roberts, Doug Bradley, Steve Tolin

Doug Bradley as Pinhead

Left to Right: Doug Bradley, Steph Sciullo, Steve Tolin, Kyle Roberts



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