New Jericho Screens!

New look at Jericho (click to see it bigger)It’s one thing to be told over and over how involved in Jericho Clive Barker is. It’s another thing entirely to look over a gallery of screenshots like the one IGN has just posted.

I don’t think it exaggerating much to say that you’ll almost expect to see some of these hanging in a gallery with Barker’s signature at the bottom, which is damn impressive given that they appear to be screenshots from in-game rather than from cutscenes.

Codemasters have long been talking up Clive’s involvement in the game. After all the story and concept for it were Clive’s, and according to the short “eyes on preview” IGN posted with the new screenshots, he’s worked closely with the artists on all the character designs. Again though, you don’t have to take their word for it as it’s readily apparent just to look at screenshots from the game.

Jericho, for anyone that hasn’t been following it, is about a mysterious city of Al Khali that shows up every few hundred years. Naturally it’s real end of the world stuff and it’s up to you to save the day.

Well, it’s up to your team to be more accurate. Your team of Jerichos consists of seven characters, each with a unique skill set and paranormal powers. Though you start out just playing as one of the team, eventually you’ll be able to switch back and forth between them and from the sounds of it, the team dynamic is going to be incredibly important to the gameplay.

You’ll want to keep the characters who can help the wounded out of the line of fire, for example; and you’ll be able to switch between characters in the middle of a battle to combine their supernatural abilities into focused and more powerful attacks.

Al Khali is a number of areas enclosed within concentric circles. Each area is a twisted version of the time periods that Al Khali has previously appeared within. As you move through it, towards the centre and the “axis of evil” for lack of a better term, you’ll see a constantly changing landscape of enemies and environments ranging from WWII era Europe, ancient Rome, the Crusades, and others.

Hopefully we’ll start to get more of an idea of how it plays, and how well the team dynamic is shaping up very soon. Right now my fingers are tightly crossed that you’ll be able to play this online with your friends filling in for your team mates, though whether or not that comes to pass, Clive Barker’s Jericho should be an experience any one sharing a love for horror and gaming will want to check out.


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