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Laurent Lafitte Wishes That School’s Out



Crimson Rivers star Laurent Lafitte has joined the cast of Sebastien Marnier’s School’s Out, a high school-set thriller that is being produced by Avenue B and Celluloid Dreams, according to ScreenDaily. Per the site, Lafitte will be playing a substitute tutor who comes in after his predecessor commits suicide by defenestration in front of a classroom of students. Also joining the cast is Emmanuelle Bercot, who will be playing another teacher at the school. They both join the confirmed cast of French rapper Gringe, Pascal Greggory, Greg Montel, Thomas Scimeca and Véronique Ruggia.

Per the site:
Hoffman (Lafitte) finds that six of his new students seem strangely indifferent to what they witnessed and as time goes on he observes that this small, tight-knit group exerts a strange sinister influence over the rest of the school.

He becomes obsessed with the group, who are unusually smart and precocious, discovering it is united by a dark vision of a doomed future and contempt for adults. This obsession turns into terror when he discovers their ultimate, extreme and dangerous goal.

The film is an adaptation of Christophe Dufosse’s 2007 novel School’s Out, which has been translated into several languages.

Laurent Lafitte in The Crimson Rivers




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