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This American Werewolf in London Cake is Simply Astounding!



One of the greatest werewolf movies to ever hit the silver screen is John Landis’ 1981 classic An American Werewolf in London. Winning an Academy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Makeup, the film has become a cultural icon, one that people know of even if they haven’t seen it.

Over across the pond at the Cake International in London, baker and cake decorator Karen Mitchell took home the Silver Award Winning prize for her An American Werewolf in London-themed cake, which features a werewolf head emerging from a box, it’s teeth and tongue covered in “blood”. The level of intricate detailing going on here is simply unreal and what makes it all the more astounding is that it’s 100% edible! If I lived in England, I’d be asking for a birthday cake from her every single year!

To see more of Karen’s cakes, head on over to her Facebook page.




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