thethingbanner - Exclusive: Jimmy Urine Shares His Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks

Exclusive: Jimmy Urine Shares His Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks

We’re back with the second of three Jimmy Urine exclusives! That’s right, last week we premiered “Salome” from The Cinematic Sounds of Jimmy Urine and today we’re bringing you a list of his Top 10 Horror Movie Soundtracks! Just like how Urine is incredibly eclectic and varied in this musical offerings, so to are his tastes when it comes to horror.

Check out his list below and then let us know in the comments what some of your favorites are!

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THE THING (1982)


This is the perfect horror soundtrack. Not only is Carpenter’s The Thing one of the best horror movies ever and still holds up year after year, but it is fucking Ennio Morricone’s composing mixed in with Carpenter’s synthesizers. This is the ultimate example of an 80’s horror synth soundtrack with the iconic plodding one-note Moog bass line.


This is the soundtrack that introduced me to Punk. With such great acts as The Damned, The Cramps, T.S.O.L. and 45 Grave it gave you a quick glimpse at real punk rock by real punk bands in a major horror movie. Plus the record had snippets of dialogue from the movie which I had never heard on a soundtrack before. So coooool.


This soundtrack (if you have no fucking clue) is by the Italian 70’s prog-rock band Goblin, who are an amazing horror synth band. Which is unique because most 80’s horror soundtracks were made by composers who also composed Sci-Fi, Fantasy and even Rom-Coms, etc. But Goblin is mainly a horror soundtrack band, and they are amazing. Suspiria is in my opinion their best work.


Phantasm was one of those movies I would see late at night at like three in the morning on cable TV when I was a kid, and I was like “what the fuck is this?!’ You’ve got the silver ball in the mausoleum, The Tall Man and the little Jawa guys. It is all fucking crazy. Its almost Satanic Sci-Fi and because of the movie being so freaky the awesome soundtrack is ingrained in my head forever.

THE FOG (1980)


Most people love John Carpenter’s Halloween soundtrack and make that the number one on their list. But for me the Halloween theme, as iconic as it, may be a little played out now. The Fog is kind of a weird lost soundtrack. It gets lost because it comes between Halloween and Escape From New York, two of Carpenter’s biggest soundtracks. The Fog is really for the super Carpenter heads. It has an old school 1950’s horror feel to it with organs and piano, mixed in with 80’s synth leads and arpeggios which gives it a real unique, creepy and atmospheric feel. This soundtrack really can stand alone even without the movie. Its dope.


The Videodrome soundtrack is basically Chiptune and Glitch done ahead of its time. It’s crazy, if you go back and listen to this you can see that those elements pre-date those genres by decades! I’m surprised most Chiptune or Glitch artists don’t reference Videodrome. The ideas, sounds and visuals from the movie I find very influential.


The main theme from Creepshow is fucking amazing. It always get you hyped for horror and Halloween and blood etc. The composer John Harrison began his career working as First Assistant Director for George Romero. This guy is a real jack of all trades. He’s directed some stuff, he was art department on some stuff, and he composed some soundtracks like Day of the Dead. The guy is really talented and is sort of lost in time. He’s not well known like a John Carpenter or Goblin, but this guy is fucking talented.

ALIEN (1979)

This is definitely the first official horror soundtrack I ever bought. The first Alien movie is essentially a horror film and my mom took me and my friend to see it when I was eight years old. That is how cool my mom was! We were scared the whole movie but we loved it. What’s interesting about Alien is the first thing you wanted to do after the movie was go buy the comic book, the action figure and everything that had to do with it even though the alien is scaring the shit out of you! I had Alien everything so of course I bought the soundtrack. The first horror soundtrack that I officially bought as a kid with my own money and it didn’t disappoint. Its very avant-garde – minimal, bleak and dissonant with little or no themes in the score. Why I liked or understood that score as an eight year-old kid is beyond me. So props to composer Jerry Goldsmith because I played it religiously.

THE KEEP (1983)

Tangerine Dream is one of the greatest electronic soundtrack composers ever. The Keep is really technically the only horror soundtrack they did — they scored some other films that are more action-adventure with horror or sci-fi elements, but I don’t count those as Horror. I love Tangerine Dream so they get to be on this list because of The Keep, and that movie is pretty fucking dope!



The amazing thing about this soundtrack is not the music in the movie or on the record, but what DIDN’T make it into the film and was never released to the public. Stanley Kubrick hired Wendy Carlos to do the soundtrack, she scored the whole fucking film then he only used two of her fucking tracks! And we never heard the rest. Wendy eventually released some of the unused tracks in the mid 2000’s, but because of this whole fiasco the original 1980 vinyl release with the two Wendy Carlos pieces is the only official soundtrack ever released for The Shinning. So to me it is an actual haunted soundtrack. Love it.

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