First Look at Alien Church: The Damned on Earth

Producer Kenneth Barker dropped us a line this week to let us know about a new new sci-fi/horror film that he’s working on titled Alien Church: The Damned on Earth. He provided us with a look at the movie’s teaser art along with a video clip in which he discusses Alien Church‘s concept and crowdfunding approach.

If there is enough interest, an official campaign will be launched so add your comments if Alien Church sounds like something you’d like to see. You can also visit the Alien Church: The Damned on Earth Facebook page for more info, images, and video clips.

Yuri Gagarin was not the first man in space…

Mere weeks before Gagarin’s epoch-making spaceflight, the Soviet Union attempted to orbit a manned capsule. The mission went catastrophically wrong, leaving the hapless cosmonaut on board to perish in the depths of space. 

A wandering alien entity encounters the drifting cosmonaut, “changing” him beyond what we know as human. The cosmonaut is later returned to Earth in a cathedral-sized space vessel. Now fueled by a malevolent rage, the evil demi-god cosmonaut seeks revenge on those who consigned him to death. But he will not stop there…

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