The Fast & the Murderous

Movin' Too Fast from MTILong stretches of empty desert highway or middle-of-nowhere backwoods shortcuts: I think a debate could be conducted as to which of these foreboding roadways in the movies leads to the most carnage.

In the case of the upcoming DVD release Movin’ Too Fast; it’s a long stretch of empty desert highway where the trouble begins for two beautiful law students traveling cross country. It is on one of these vast stretches of deserted highway where they’re pulled over by a black police car. When no one ever steps out of the car, the young lasses think they’re in the clear. But that’s when a deadly cat and mouse game begins with the driver of the mystery car.

A trailer for the speeding car-themed thriller from stuntman-turned writer/director Eric Chambers and starring TV actors Marquita Terry, Layla Alexander, and Matthew Glave, can be found at the website for Artist View Entertainment. Two things stuck out at me watching the trailer: First, I do believe we actually saw a cop get out of the squad car, contrary to the plot synopsis. Secondly, one of the women appeared to pretend to seduce the cop before changing her mind and kneeing him in the groin. If this cop is the guy driving the black police car that’s terrorizing them, can’t help but think playing cocktease with a potentially maniacal cop might make this a case of bringing trouble upon yourself.

MTI Video will release Movin’ Too Fast to DVD on August 14th.

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