Bones Eat Children

Here’s a listing that I stumbled upon over at Shoreline Entertainment’s website for what sounds like it could be a cool little flick to be called Bare Bones, currently in the pre-production stage.

“Four smalltown kids head off on a camping trip in the nearby mountains. They accidentally dig up an old bear skeleton, which shortly thereafter comes to life and proceeds to eat them one by one.

Bare Bones will take the Creature Feature sub-genre and turn it on its ear by taking a tried-and-tested “kids in woods terrorized by monster” plot and injecting it into a three-dimensionally animated world, giving horror fans a whole new way to enjoy their favorite narratives – not to mention modern animation will be pushed into territories that have heretofore remained untouched!”

I’m still not completely sure from reading that simple description whether or not Bare Bones is going to be an animated flick aimed at kiddy audiences or more mature (at least age-wise) horror fans. Either way, the concept of a skeletal grizzly on the rampage sounds like it could be a fun one – truly the stuff of Stephen Colbert’s nightmares.

I’ll keep you posted on this one as more information develops.

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