Patrick Lussier Has Such Sights to Show Us with Hellraiser

By now everyone knows that Patrick Lussier is the man who’ll be reinvigorating the Hellraiser franchise for The Weinstein Company. Touching a modern-day masterpiece is both a daunting task and an unwinnable situation for any filmmaker, but Lussier sounds like he has a plan.

 Patrick Lussier Has Such Sights to Show us With HellraiserThe director talked to Moviefone about what fans can expect when the Lament Configuration returns to theaters. Most exciting? That it won’t merely be a retread of Clive Barker’s original: “We think Clive’s film stands on its own. We think it’s brilliant and it made such a specific, dark vision at that time unlike anything that had come before it. So going to do just a remake of his movie but with more money is not something we wanted to do. We wanted to work within the ‘Hellraiser’ lexicon.”

“In that original film he opened so many interesting doorways and opportunities that that’s what we want to explore – always keeping in mind what he had done and how he did it and just working within that world.” Best of all, Lussier says that Pinhead won’t be venturing to the farthest reaches of space this time.


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Matt Serafini

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  • Masked Slasher

    The problem with Pinhead in Space isn’t in the idea … the concept was fantastic and took the series in a fantastic direction. The script was rock solid and, from what I understand, there was at least one or two good cuts of Bloodline floating around out there before Dimension Films thought: “Hey, this should be 77 minutes.”

    • Vanvance1

      I would really love to know what happened to that movie that got us a ‘directed by Alan Smithee’.

      But I agree, as the movies stand Jason X was far more entertaining.

  • GJW

    I didn’t mind it either. However,if I had my choice of watching (again) Jason X or Bloodlines,I’d watch X. I have,over and over. Although I have seen Pinheads space adventure twice,I grew bored with it towards the end. That’s it though folks,leave the space to ALIENS,I don’t EVER wanna see Leatherface or Michael up in a spaceship!!!

    “I have all the characteristics of a human being.Blood, flesh,skin,hair;but not a single,clear,identifiable emotion,except for greed and disgust.”

  • Vanvance1

    I actually liked Pinhead in space. The concept worked for me even if the execution was weak.