Art Directing Aliens

Assistant Art Director Andrew Li speaks!The most terrifying thing about Alien Vs. Predator 2: Survival of the Fittest, to me, is not that it’s even being made in the first place (the directing team behind it might pull something good out of their hats), but how it will fit in with the overall Alien/Predator mythology. I mean, the creatures are fighting it out in small town USA this time, how can they explain away their existence to get to the beginning of Alien now? The mind reels.

Unfortunately this is one thing not brought up in a new interview with the sequel’s Assistant Art Director Andrew Li that just showed up on the fan site Alien Experience, but it’s all right because there’s a lot that is brought up including influences, set design, what elements are being taken from previous films in the series and more.

I recommend checking it out right here, especially if you’re in the camp of “My GOD this is going to suck again” like I was. Remember, Paul W.S. Anderson is not directly involved in making it happen, so there is some hope for it. Right? I hope.

Johnny Butane

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