Heist of the Living Dead

DeadHeist?Zombie movies – it’s reached the point that you can’t even rob a bank without finding yourself knee deep in the undead. That’s what happens in Dead Heist, an upcoming horror flick about four street thugs and a reluctant veteran that make the unfortunate mistake of setting out to rob a bank on the very day that some 28 Days Later-style scenario is beginning to play out. They soon find themselves fighting for their lives against an onslaught of hissing, quick-moving, flesh-eating, vampiric zombies that are drawn to the scent of blood and can only be killed by destroying their hearts.

The “urban” action-horror flick boasts several rappers in the cast, at least I’m assuming they’re rappers. I’m not up to speed on my hip-hop, but with names like Bonecrusher, E40, and T-Love I just have to assume they’re hip-hop artists and not cyborgs. I do recognize the name of old school rapper Big Daddy Kane, who co-stars as a special forces soldier sent in to deal with the infected.

You can head over to the Dead Heist MySpace page where you can check out the trailer and read director Bo Webb’s thought about how they tried to make their zombies unique.

A company called Urban Works will be releasing Dead Heist to DVD on August 7th.

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