The Lost Boys Series to Span Decades

We told you a while back that The CW landed The Lost Boys property to turn into a series, and now we have an update regarding the direction in which that series will be headed.

Rotten Tomatoes caught up with executive producer Rob Thomas at the Television Critics Association panel on Sunday, where he talked a bit about the modern take the series will have.

Thomas is inventing a different group of vampire teens than Sutherland and co. played in the movie. Primarily because Thomas sees the show going past the ’80s, and it shouldn’t be a spoiler to say that many of the vampire characters did not survive the 1987 movie.

They’re similar young vampires all sort of living this sort of Peter Pan–like existence of never having to grow up, getting turned into vampires when they’re in their early 20s,” Thomas said. “They can stay young and beautiful and cool forever.

Since vampires stay young forever, Thomas’ idea is an anthology series where each season explores the Lost Boys in a different decade. The beginning would be “1967 Summer of Love Haight-Ashbury to be specific,” Thomas said.

Season 2 would take place in 1970s New York.

One of the things that I wanted to do was to center the show in places where youth culture was in flux,” Thomas said. “I would love to do 1978 New York, death of disco, birth of punk rock. Just places where it’s all happening would be great.

Season 3 would take place in the 80s but with a different group of Lost Boys than the ones in the movie.

One of the ideas would be to do the ’80s in Austin,” Thomas said. “It’s where I grew up in the ’80s. I would love to do the ’80s in Austin not because it’s the perfect location, but because I know the ’80s in Austin.

What the movie was — the ’80s in a small beach town — that didn’t feel like this is where the nation’s youth are in flux and crisis,” Thomas said. “So I don’t know that that would be a setting [for a whole season], but you could play an episode. Managing to do a tie-in in the ’80s I would suspect we would try to make it happen somehow.

Thomas suggested the fourth season of “Lost Boys,” would be set in the ’90s and involve the grunge scene. Since “iZombie” is also set in Seattle, Washington, Thomas knows he could capture the birth of grunge.

That’d be very easy because we’ve proven we can fake Seattle in Vancouver,” Thomas said.

Eventually we’d end up in modern day. “In seven seasons we would catch up with present day,” Thomas said. “Technically we could be playing the 2024 election in seven years.

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