Tiki Terror to DVD

Prolific B-movie schlockmaster Fred Olen Ray has taken a momentary break from producing softcore sex flicks with the word “bikini” in the title to produce a new horror flick that should make Charles Band envious, seeing as how it deals with a killer Tiki doll on the loose. That’s why it’s called Tiki.

“When Amy moves from her beloved Hawaiian Islands to study drama on the mainland, she has little cause to rejoice as a gang of vicious co-eds plots to make her life a living hell. With the aid of their boyfriends, the girls set Amy up as the target of a horrendous prank that results in the young girl falling victim to a brain seizure from which she may never recover. Seeking answers, her aunt Maelea arrives with a special Tiki doll — specially designed to kill! Through magic, she coaxes Amy’s subconscious spirit to enter the idol’s body and bring it to hideous life. Now the idol tracks down the students one by one to exact its grisly revenge in a relentless assault of Tiki terror!”

Image Entertainment will be releasing Tiki on DVD this October 10th, which, coincidentally, is the same day they’ll also be releasing the Fred Olen Ray produced Bikini Girls of the Lost Planet. The Tiki DVD will come complete with a making-of feature, the film’s trailer, and a profile of director Ron Ford.

Basically, Tiki takes the Zuni doll from Trilogy of Terror and gives it a Polynesian twist. How did Charles Band not think up this concept first? He’s got to be kicking himself right about now.

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