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First Pic From 100 Feet!



First still from 100 Feet!Well, somehow filmmaker Eric Red found a way to make Famke Janssen look slightly less hot than she normally does. I don’t know if that’s an accomplishment or something he should be punished for…

Said look is from the first still from Red’s return to the director’s seat, the supernatural thriller 100 Feet. Arrow in the Head, of course, were the first guys to get the first official still cause, well, that’s just how they roll. Click the little image to see the whole thing!

AITH also announced today the launch of the official 100 Feet blog, which of course they will be hosting on the site. Check out the official 100 Feet blog here for updated news on the film, entries from the filmmaker(s), behind the scenes stuff and a lot more!

Johnny Butane

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