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richard stanley - Richard Stanley's BonesDespite the fact that the man suffers through many levels of hell every time he tries to get a narrative feature made, you have to give credit to Richard Stanley for never, ever giving up.

The South African native recently sat down with Fangoria to discuss his next potential project, Vacation, and in the process brought up another movie he’s itching to get made. Though this one may very well be the death of him.

It’s called Bones of the Earth and deals with, as Stanley describes it, “our place in the feeding chain, with the civilized world and the atavistic, pagan impulses that chafe against it, the raw and the cooked, man and beast and the beast in man.” Sounds like something the man could handle with ease, considering his strong beliefs and opinions. So what is Bones of the Earth actually about?

“The plot concerns a professional stalker on the verge of retirement who clashes with a ragtag band of hunt saboteurs,” Stanley explained, “only to find himself drawn into a deeper, more deadly conflict when one of their number turns out to be a psychotic veteran of the war in Afghanistan, a brain-damaged master survivalist determined to exact a terrible revenge on the stalker’s millionaire clients, whom he holds responsible for both his and the world’s pain.”

The scope of this thing is massive, but it came close to being made once and looks like it may get a second chance very soon if all goes well. Be sure to read the full story on Fangoria’s site for more on the history of Bones!

Johnny Butane

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