Doomsday Destruction

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New pic from Neil Marshall's Doomsday!Imagine if Neil Marshall came to your town with the intent of destroying it. Would you be able to say no?

I know I wouldn’t, and neither did the citizens of Haghill, Scotland a few days back when Marshall’s Doomsday rolled into town for a few days of faux destruction and mayhem. The film, for those of you following along at home, takes place in Glasgow in 2033 after a virus has wiped out nearly the entire country. Steps are made to try and bring things back to normal once a cure is developed, but of course things don’t go well. Otherwise it’d be called Everything’s All Right Nowday … or something like that.

The website for The Evening Times posted a brief article about how the residents of Haghill dealt with Hollywood coming to their town, as well as the pic you see to your right and one of actors Bob Hoskins and Rhona Mitra preparing to film. Check it out here to see the new pic, and keep it hear for more on Doomsday as filming continues!

Johnny Butane

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