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Hogzilla!That picture you see is not a Photoshop job. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Hogzilla!

Never heard of Hogzilla? Shot and killed on June 17, 2004 in Alapaha, Georgia. The hog was so enormous the hunter who took it down was incapable of bringing it back with him but was able to take the picture you see here of it hanging from a backhoe, before burying its oversized carcass. Dubbed “Hogzilla,” that pic and the tall tale of such a big pig caught the attention of National Geographic. They exhumed its remains and confirmed it to have been 8 feet in length, weighing in at 800 pounds and with 18-inch tusks — a freakishly large mating of a domestic pig and a wild boar.

If it didn’t sound like something straight out of a horror movie before, it sure will now.

Yahoo! Movies is reporting that indie company Lithium Productions is preparing to produce a horror movie to be entitled The Legend of Hogzilla that will no doubt reimagine the supersized swine as a far more malicious entity. The production has even brought on board Chris Griffin, the hunter who brought down the real Hogzilla (seen posing with it in the photo), to consult with the filmmakers as their resident hog expert. Chris Griffin, no relation to the animated son on “Family Guy” – sorry had to include that since I know many of you were thinking it, will also cameo in the film.

The production is just beginning to take shape with auditions being held next month in Tifton, Georgia, where much of the film will be shot. Quoting producer Rick Trimm, “We don’t need professional actors. We need real people who are interested in the movie.” A page from the Ulli Lommell playbook, I see. Then again, it worked for The Legend of Boggy Creek some thirty odd years ago.

No word on a plot just yet, but I suspect it will have to do with a bunch of people out in the Georgia wild who find their bacon in the fryer when they’re confronted with the pissed-off porker out to show mankind who’s the real boss hog. That’s pure speculation on my part, but seriously, there are only so many ways you can make a movie with a title like The Legend of Hogzilla.

Producer Trimm did tell the Tifton Gazette newspaper that the company producing the film has already told him how the movie has to end in order for there to be a sequel. Ah, welcome to showbiz, Mr. Trimm.

Could The Legend of Hogzilla become the Razorback for a new generation? Only time will tell.

The Foywonder

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