Saw IV Secrets Blogged?

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Darren watches the mayhem on Saw IV setCould Darren Bousman have already let the proverbial cat out of the proverbial bag about the big twist in Saw IV, which is currently shooting up in Toronto as we speak?

Well, sort of. His latest blog entry over on Fearnet comes two weeks into production on Saw IV, and within it he reveals some very big casting news: Chance the Dog will be making a cameo! Actually that’s just Darren’s Golden Retriever, so don’t bother searching on IMDB for him.

No, what’s really (potentially) significant is that Darren has apparently perfected the use of the double entendre, to say something without actually saying something, in his latest blog. Astute readers and/or conspiracy theorists may want to give it a read because he says there’s information hidden within regarding what Jigsaw has in store for us this October.

Curious? Me too, but I’m lost; I’m the guy that never sees the twist ending coming no matter how obvious it is. See if you’re any better at it by reading Darren’s latest Saw IV blog entry yourself!

Johnny Butane

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