Zombies Fear The Vanguard!

The Vanguard (click for larger image)Where have all the good zombie movies gone?

While I’m certain Romero will deliver with his Diary of the Dead (archive here) and there’s a slight possibility that we may even see a decent Resident Evil flick (though I wouldn’t hold my breath), we living dead fans don’t have much to look forward to. Unless of course you happen to live in the UK!

Joining The Zombie Diaries (story here) comes a film from overseas that looks to be pretty gore-fuckin’-riffic, (Hey! I just made up a word! Take that Colbert) — The Vanguard.

Dread Central heard today from the film’s writer, director, and co-producer Matthew Hope, so let’s turn it over to him for a little background on the flick, shall we?

“When I sat down to write the script, I thought about the genre in terms of hopefully bringing something new to it,” says Hope. “I wanted to set the film in the wilderness (I think after flicking through Max Brooks’ book The Zombie Survival Guide), and I wanted the zombies not to be slow or fast moving, but to take on an ape-like state, make it very primal. I think a big inspiration for the film was Omega Man with my film having some similarities, most notably being about the last survivor. Another thing I was interested in was that a lot of zombie films have political themes, especially Joe Dante’s episode of Masters of Horror “Homecoming” episode or Romero’s Dawn of the Dead being about mass consumerism. Mine has an interest in over-population and the treatment of people from the Middle East in the current War on Terror.”

OK, Matt! You’ve got my interest! For more on The Vanguard check out the film’s official website here, and check out the trailer below!

Uncle Creepy

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