Pus-head Will Kill for Food

Urban DecayA movie starring Dean Cain that I’m actually looking forward to seeing? That’s what I was wondering about when I first heard of the a new horror flick called Urban Decay that pits the ex-Man of Steel against a mutant, man-eating sewer urchin known as “Pusshead”. Didn’t have much to go on at the time, but now the fine folks at Twitch Film have pointed us all in the direction of a trailer that left me wanting to see the flick even more so. Not quite C.H.U.D. 3, but close enough for me.

“Cab driver Stan slams into a homeless man, who gets up and walks away, leaving behind a scarf covered with writhing maggots. Obsessed with the mystery, Stan hunts the ragtag figure through the city, discovering a trail of mangled, half-eaten victims, and an urban legend: ‘Pus-head’ was a sewer worker who came back from an uncharted tunnel changed into something both living and dead. Parents warn their children that the shuffling zombie will get them if they stay out on the streets too late… But as the body count rises, Stan finds that the legend is alive and well… hungry”

The low budget gorefest stars Dean Cain, Meat Loaf, Brooke Burns, and Tim Thomerson – none of whom play Pus-head, although I have it on good authority that Miss Burns does get eaten by him.

Urban Decay was directed by Harry Basil, who had a hand in way too many of those dreadful comedies that Rodney Dangerfield starred in toward the end of his life. Fortunately, he only directed this time out, while writing credits go to Don Adams (not the “Get Smart!” Don Adams…) and Harry James Picardi, the duo behind the 2002 DTV slasher flick Jigsaw.

Click here to see the Urban Decay trailer or head over to the Urban Decay MySpace page for more info and an embedded trailer. It’s definitely NOT SAFE FOR WORK but more than worth checking out!

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