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Touch the Dead for the Nintendo DSZombies. For whatever reason we just can’t get enough of them be it cinema, comics, books or videogames; the zombie is just one of those things that endures. I’ve slain tens of thousands of the things across dozens of games, and still my appetite for killing them remains as strong as their own hunger for living flesh: always apparent … never satiated.

So when a game suddenly turns up on the radar that is looking pretty promising and lets me fulfill my need for splattering zombie brains about, it’s a good day.

Coming to the Nintendo DS, Touch the Dead is yet another light gun styled shooter, albeit one that doesn’t actually use a gun. It’s apparently been in development for over a year, and early word on it is pretty good. You tap the screen to shoot, and when you need to reload, you drag bullets across to your gun.

The story? Well, if you MUST care about such things, you’re a prisoner who wakes up to find that your cell door is open and there’s a zombie invasion at the prison. Really, though, all you need to know is that you get to kill lots of zombies with a number of different weapons either by yourself or, if you have a friend with a DS (and presumably a copy of the game), co-operatively. You know, if you like letting other people steal some of your glorious zombie kills.

There aren’t exactly a ton of M-rated titles on the DS, so when one shows up that sounds pretty fun and looks pretty good, it’s news that needs to be spread.

You’ll be able to Touch the Dead next month, and if you’ve ever read Marvel Zombies, you’ll be able to easily spot it pretty easily on shelves because as reported by Kotaku, series creator Arthur Suydam has provided the cover art for the game.

This is coming from Eidos’ new Secret Stash Games label that seems to be specializing in odd and unusual games such as the upcoming Escape From Bug Island … more on that at another time! Click here to pre-order Touch the Dead through Evilshop!


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