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#SDCC16: FXhibition Has the Scariest Thing at Comic-Con: American Horror Story’s VR Experience



Let me admit upfront that I tend to be a bit claustrophobic… and one of my biggest fears is being locked up in the loony bin… so sitting down to check out the “American Horror Story” Fearless VR Experience at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con filled me with excitement but also a lot of apprehension.

The setup was impressive; we entered a domed room with a half-dozen or so loungers and put on a goggles/headphones combo that was definitely on the higher tech side of things than what we typically see at these types of demonstrations.  Our “guide” was reassuring, but even so, as we laughed about how often people scream (one person so far had pulled off the headphones and run out of the room), things started to get real, and my heart began pounding.

As I sort of half-reclined in the lounger, he covered my body with a light paper “sheet”: just part of the experience, he said, and then BAM! It began.  And I was in the place I had been dreading the most, “American Horror Story: Asylum.”  And I had definitely seen better days. Things went from bad to worse for my VR self in a hurry, as I was terrified by a creepy nun, whipped around on a gurney, locked up, burned by a “Coven,” tormented by a clown (yep, “Freak Show” makes an appearance), and even rolled down a “Hotel” hallway…

And that’s just the part I actually saw because truth be told, my eyes were closed a good quarter of the time.  I was literally on the verge of panicking a few times, especially in the very beginning before getting my bearings.  Five minutes may not seem very long, but when you’re that immersed with so much to see and absorb, well, it feels a helluva lot longer than you’d think. This hardened horror fan was anything but “Fearless.”  More like “Scared Shitless.”

In an effort not to spoil the experience for those who are planning to go through it this weekend, I won’t divulge more details, but I will say that if you are at the SDCC and are at all a horror fan, you owe it to yourself to check out the riveting – and terrifying – “American Horror Story” Fearless VR Experience.  The full description follows along with some photos of the entire FXhibition area.  Don’t miss it!





About the “American Horror Story” Fearless VR Experience:
For attendees who love a thrill, “American Horror Story” has curated a virtual reality experience unlike any other that takes participants on a unique journey through terrifying encounters inspired by the hair-raising series. The AHS Fearless VR Experience is an opportunity for “American Horror Story” fans to become a part of their favorite show and test the boundaries of their own fear.  A lot of the times are full, but you can register for standby tickets at AHSReservations.com.

FXhibition also offers Comic-Con revelers iconic photo opportunities with some of the network’s most beloved series. Art installations include:

  • “The Strain” has erected a 25-foot “infected” Lady Liberty statue.
  • “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’s” turbulent rock culture is illustrated through a dramatic larger-than-life installation, featuring a smashed guitar with broken pieces several feet in size for a life-size exhibit.
  • On display in the FX Sculpture Garden, fans can take advantage of social media worthy photo opportunities with iconic characters sculpted as busts including “The Strain’s” Quinlan, the White Nun from “American Horror Story: Asylum,” “Archer’s” Pam Poovey, “Man Seeking Woman’s” Troll, Clown from “Baskets,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s” Frank Reynolds as the “troll” character from The Nightman Cometh.




















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