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#SDCC16: Sideshow’s Court of the Dead Rules the Convention Floor



Per usual, Sideshow’s booth at the San Diego Comic-Con attracted a lot of attention.  We already gave you a tour of the horror highlights, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t devote a special story to the company’s awesome Court of the Dead line, its first original property.



Per the Sideshow Blog:
This year in Booth #1929, you’ll find an insanely detailed 1:1 representation of Death, who introduces freshly chummed mourners to even more members of his own Court. If you’re going to spend any time in the Underworld, and let’s face it, once you’re there – you’re not leaving, then you should know whom you’ll be encountering.

Avarkus: The Red Death – Hailed as what might be the most grotesque figure Sideshow has ever created, Avarkus holds a mask representing his life’s true desires. Upon his back hangs a gruesome embroidered cloak that imprisons the faces the souls he’s collected.


Shard: The Mortal Trespasser – The only mortal wandering around the Underworld, Shard was brought here by Death for a specific purpose. However, it is only he that knows what that purpose may be. If you’re interested in learning more about Shard and her journey then keep an eye out for a monthly comic series being published this fall.

Cleopsis: Eater of the Dead – Oh, how the once beautiful Cleopsis has fallen. Sent to study the world of men, she was brought back to the Underworld when her own aspirations came into direct conflict with that of Death’s. It is never wise to upset the boss.

Malavestros – Not much is known about Malavestros. Perhaps the Underworld’s most precocious figure, he can often be found lurking in the shadows and keeping up with the secrets and rumors that swirl around the Underworld. This figure you see before you is the first time that we’ve managed to capture his likeness.


Death: Master of the Underworld – Known by many names, like the Alltaker or Shepard of Souls, Death first marshalled his Court when he realized that he no longer wanted to be a pawn in the ceaseless war between Heaven and Hell.



Demithyle: The Exalted Reaper General – If Death were to have a right hand, then it would likely be the being known at Demithyle. Charged with the most trusted of tasks, Demithyle’s loyalty to his cause and purpose is unwavering.


Xiall: The Great Osteomancer – It’s best that we don’t say too much about her here. I doubt that this is the safest place to be discussing one of such…power.

Kier: Valkyrie of the Dead – Before you ask, no…her feet are not stained by the blood of those that she has laid to waste. Those happen to be tattoos…representing the blood of those that she has laid to waste. Don’t stare.

Oglavaeil: The Executioner – Didn’t think you could die again, did you? Allow us to reintroduce you to Oglavaeil.





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Last Toys on the Left

Mattel’s WWE Figures Showing Their Teeth…and Claws…And Other Monster Parts



Mattel likes to keep us on our toes! Even though we attend Toy Fair every year, they still like to throw some surprises at us, often turning up in the toy aisles with no warning whatsoever. Such was the case with last year’s WWE Mutants line, which saw your favorite wrestlers transformed into crocodile men, scorpion creatures, and multi-armed freaks of nature.

This year we’ve got a similar monster theme going, with the horrific personalities utilized being from a more familiar stable.

This lineup includes:

  • Asuka as The Phantom
  • Braun Strowman as Frankenstein
  • Chris Jericho as The Mummy
  • Jake “The Snake” Roberts as The Creature
  • Roman Reigns as The Werewolf
  • Undertaker as The Vampire

Execution is a mixed bag here. Since these are lower priced figures, it’s understandable if some paint and sculpting details are lost in production; and for my taste, the “mishaps” in this line lead more to hilarity than disdain, making me want to buy them all the more.


It’s like those pictures you see of someone trying to replicate a famous baker’s pop culture cake and their attempt comes out resembling a melty, deformed monstrosity. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TIMMY!! No…don’t cry…aw damnit, Timmy. You tried.

I’m also forced to point and laugh at their Frankenstein. I totally get the patchwork idea presented here, but they seem to have sewn his tank top to his body…and that’s hysterical.

Check out the rest of the line below, and look for the lot in stores and at your favorite online toy dealer now.


Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Roman Reigns

The Undertaker


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Last Toys on the Left

Must-Own: The One:12 Collective Ghostbusters Deluxe Box Set



Are you a huge Ghostbusters fan like I am? You are! Well, then you’ll be equally as excited as I was to hear that The One:12 Collective has an all-new Ghostbusters Deluxe Box Set coming our way October – December 2018.

The five-figure deluxe set featuring all four Ghostbusters (plus Slimer) and each boasting two head portraits: one natural and one scared expression, their own proton pack with a light-up feature, and uniforms which feature working zippers, functional pockets, nametags, and the Ghostbusters logo.

On top of that, the set also features the likeness of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, and Ernie Hudson and each is packaged in a special edition, collector-friendly metal tin.

You can check out pics of the features below and then make sure to hit us up and let us know what you think in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!

The One:12 Collective Ghostbusters Set is available for pre-order HERE and will make their way into stores October – December 2018.


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Last Toys on the Left

Sideshow Teaming with Project Raygun on New Court of the Dead Tabletop Game



If you’ve been reading this site for the past few years, you should be well aware of Sideshow’s awesome collectibles known as the Court of the Dead. If you’re as big a fan of the line as we are, then you’ll be excited to hear that a Kickstarter campaign is about to kick off for a tabletop game titled Court of the Dead: Mourners Call.

Mixing creepy cool Court of the Dead artwork and a bunch of awesome new super-detailed 3D miniatures, the game is going to be a must-have for Court fans, as well as any dark fantasy and horror enthusiasts. This highly anticipated campaign marks the latest collaborative effort between Project Raygun and Sideshow, and it will be managed by James Hudson of Druid City Games.

The Kickstarter launch is slated to commence in late April and run through mid-May. Those who contribute to the campaign have a chance to score a bunch of insane exclusives, and you can find out more by clicking here.

“Court of the Dead: Mourners Call is more than just a tabletop game; it’s an immersive in-world experience,” said Tom Gilliland, Sideshow Chief Creative Officer and creator of the Court of the Dead. Through highly-detailed card art and ornate 3D miniatures, players will be transported to the macabre and magical Underworld. Players face grave circumstances: They must balance both cooperative and competitive objectives by working with the other players to appease the morally bankrupt, oppressive celestial overlords in a way that achieves their own individual vision of a unified Underworld, ready to rise up in rebellion.

Stay up-to-date on Court of the Dead: Mourners Call news (and sign up for updates)  at MournersCall.com. A steady stream of exciting Kickstarter exclusives, deluxe milestone rewards, and special stretch goals will delight campaign supporters. For more information and details, visit ProjectRaygun.com. Learn more about Court of the Dead at CourtoftheDead.com.


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