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10 Horror Podcasts You Should Check Out!



For the last few years, we have been bombarded with multiple ways of receiving our media and entertainment. From YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO to Kindle, Audible, and Facebook, the list goes on; and it doesn’t need me name-dropping all of them. I feel safe enough assuming that you guys are already using these services.

Now, one of my favorite things to do in life is to sit down and enjoy a horror flick (especially slasher films), but I can’t sit around all day and indulge in that great pastime as much as I would like so I also listen to a lot of different horror-themed audio programs. In that realm, the podcast seems to be king! I would like to share with you fine people ten great shows that I feel your ears deserve to hear!

The Jack and Nick Horror Show


This podcast is hosted by two friends who just love horror in all of its various shapes and forms! The show is hosted by Jack Knapp and New Jersey Nick, who have been podcasting for quite some time now. The two of them were original members of an older podcast called SlasherCast which went away, and luckily for the fans, Jack and Nick came back fairly quickly with this show. The show itself features some news, a Movie of the Week, and usually a segment where they include the fans in one way or another. The show is great and keeps getting better and better with each passing episode! Hands down this podcast is a must for me; I can’t recommend this show enough!

You can check them out here:







Alone in the Dark Podcast


Hosts Michael Boylan, Tom Neff, and Matt Strippoli come together to bring us a fairly entertaining podcast where they discuss and review horror movies both new and old. Most of their episodes feature top five and top ten lists, as well as interviews. Their release schedule is a little spotty considering they started in 2014 and only have twenty-one episodes, but they are all quite enjoyable! Go check them out; their newest ep is a fan commentary on Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood, and it is great!

You can check them out here:







Horror 101


Horror 101 is a fun little podcast hosted by Cash Wampum, Brian Stewart, and Nick MacPherson and sometimes brings various other co-hosts depending on the show.  It is very informative, and the goal of this podcast is to focus on the hidden gems within the genre that you may or may not have missed. The show features soundtrack music, audio clips from the films they are discussing, and trivia. It is highly entertaining and I feel that it is a must for all horror podcast fans! These guys know their shit and provide little insights and opinions that will provide you with a great time!

You can check them out here:






Chilling Tales: The Podcast


Chilling Tales is a great podcast that is bringing back audio theater. Each episode is hosted by the host of the 2016 iHeartRadio Music Festival, Steve Taylor, who gives great narration around the fun and spooky short stories that they bring to life. The podcast features multiple voice actors that are all great, and the production value is definitely there. If you are looking for a podcast that features horror fiction, give this one a shot! They churn out weekly episodes that are usually at least an hour long and give us two stories for our listening pleasure. The show is also available on YouTube if you would rather check them out through that.

You can check them out here:





Decades of Horror 1980’s


Decades of Horror is brought to us by the same guys behind Horror News Radio. Doc Rotten, Thomas Mariani, and Christopher G. Moore bring us episodes that discuss films from the 1980’s. This is a fun show that helps to pass the time while at work, cleaning, or just relaxing. The hosts all have interesting takes and opinions on the films that they discuss, and I would recommend checking this out, especially if your favorite time in horror was within this decade.

You can check them out here:






The Cult Classic Horror Show


The Cult Classic Horror Show is quickly becoming one of my personal favorite podcasts that is out there right now. Hosted by twin brothers Danny and Scotty Bohnen, the two bring us great content with a monthly theme. The show also gives the fans a good way of interacting with the hosts to try to become their weekly “Freak of the Week,” where they get to earn free swag as well as get a chance to join the two of them on the show! The podcast is relatively new, but they release content weekly and are very entertaining. The guys talk a little bit about current news in horror but mostly spend the show discussing a couple of movies from their current theme. The show just had a great run of a few episodes on The Texas Chain Saw Massacre franchise that I highly recommend!

You can check them out here:






Now Playing Podcast


This is the first podcast that I ever listened to; their first retrospective was on the Friday the 13th franchise, and they have done a lot of the mainstream horror films since then. I will state upfront that this is not 100% a horror podcast, but I felt they deserved a shout-out due to them covering the horror that they have. The hosts –  Arnie, Stewart, and Jakob – are all well versed and knowledgeable about films and cover everything pop culture in film. This one is highly recommended!





The Hysteria Continues


This podcast is all about slasher flicks! Hosted by Justin Kerswell, Joseph Henson, Erik Threlfall, and Nathan Johnson, these guys are absolutely hilarious and provide tons of great content. Like I said, they focus mainly on slasher flicks but do occasionally stray away to cover some other films that may not be considered slashers in the traditional definition of the sub-genre, but in one way or another they have some sort of loose connection. These guys are knowledgeable, and the cast has even been called upon to do fan commentaries on releases of old slasher flicks, their newest commentary being on a new release of the cult classic film The Burning! I have been listening to these guys for a while now and would highly recommend their show to fans of the sub-genre.

You can check them out here:





The Movie Crypt


As a reader of Dread Central, you should be aware of this show already considering that our very own Uncle Creepy was recently a guest. The Movie Crypt is a wonderful podcast hosted by directors Adam Green, (Hatchet, Frozen, “Holliston”) and Joe Lynch (Wrong Turn 2, Everly, Knights of Badassdom) where they sit down and have in-depth discussions with various actors, directors, and writers to give us insights into the business. If you are interested at all in filmmaking, or just enjoy hearing about how people came to be where they are, then you need look no further than right here!

You can check them out here:







Brainwaves is a fun internet radio show hosted by Dread Central’s own Steve “Uncle Creepy” Barton and Joe Knetter. The show goes live every Wednesday evening at 9:00PM Pacific Time and features the two hosts bantering back and forth about all things horror. From real-life horrors to the fictional horror that we all enjoy, these guys bring us fun and entertaining shows that include guest call-ins, music, and more! If you have always wished for a radio talk show that is centered around the dark and the macabre, you definitely need to be listening to this show!

You can check them out here:






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Supernatural Irish Horror Beyond the Woods Hits Home Video and VOD This February



Supernatural Irish horror Beyond the Woods makes its way to DVD and VOD from Left Films!

Shot on location in Ireland, Beyond the Woods echoes the creepy supernatural horror of recent Irish genre hits The Hallow and The Canal, with its eerie and grisly tale of an unknown evil.

Seven friends meet up in the Irish countryside for a secluded weekend getaway but unfortunately for them a fiery sinkhole has opened up in the mountains nearby. It’s burning hot, spewing out sulphur and casting a hellish stench over the local area. Determined to make the most of the weekend, the group decide not to let the noxious atmosphere get to them…but it’s getting worse. Soon the troubling hallucinations begin as an ancient evil starts to take hold. What malevolent force has crawled from the sinkhole and will any of them survive the weekend?

Following a successful run on the festival circuit where it picked up the Best Feature Film Award at the World International Film Festival Montreal in 2017, Seán Breathnach’s spine-chilling low budget nightmare finally makes its way to UK and North American DVD and VOD courtesy of Left Films.

On digital/VOD February 5th, DVD February 19th.



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Interview: The Cured’s David Freyne and Sam Keeley Talk Zombies, Politics, and PTSD



The Walking Dead, once the flagship of AMC and the envy of all networks, has been suffering a significant decline in both ratings and viewership over the past couple seasons. While many place blame on writers and producers, it could simply reflect changes in tastes and trends. The zombie subgenre of horror has become, objectively, saturated with few infusions of originality over the past few years.

In this climate, The Cured can be considered the cure for the 21st Century zombie movie, which has become stagnant and formulaic. It’s the debut feature from Irish filmmaker David Freyne and it stars Ellen Page, Sam Keeley, and Tom Vaughan-Lawlor. We’ve seen more outbreak movies than we can count, but The Cured takes place many years after an apocalypse that devastated Europe.

The hook is simple but brilliant: The infected are cured but returning to their pre-zombie lives proves a difficult transition. Though no longer compelled to kill and cannibalize, The Cured (as they are referred to) nonetheless remember every atrocity they committed.

Dread Central was lucky enough to sit down with Freyne and Keeley to discuss the film, their approaches, and the parallels to international politics. Check out the trailer for The Cured below, followed by our interviews.

The Cured arrives in theaters and on VOD February 23, courtesy of IFC films.

A disease that turns people into zombies has been cured. The once-infected zombies are discriminated against by society and their own families, which causes social issues to arise. This leads to militant government interference.

Dread Central: One of the most compelling aspects of The Cured is the cure! I’m hard-pressed to think of another film that explores the idea of zombies becoming human again. It’s a great innovation. Where did the idea come from?

David Freyne: I love zombie films and the idea for The Cured came about in 2011, so I’ve been working on this for quite some time. I really liked I am Legend, but I recalled that at the end, the patient, the female zombie gets the cure from Will Smith, and then she dies. I was like, “Hang on, this just got interesting!”  That’s pretty much the moment when the idea came. But it also has to do with what was going on in Ireland at the time; we were going through a recession. The banks were closing and we were all losing our jobs and it was like we were being blamed for things that were beyond our control. That’s the analogy for The Cured because they were being blamed for things that were beyond their control. All of that melded together and became the inspiration for the film.

There have been a lot of zombie films that mention a cure but like you said, it’s something we haven’t seen before.

DC: Yeah, we’ve seen reformed zombies, like in Day of the Dead and Fido, but they’re still zombies. We’ve never seen these fully cured zombies. It really sets The Cured apart and makes it worth seeing. Now, I saw a lot of potential parallels with current world issues, like the refugee crisis, the prison system, and soldiers returning home from war. The way The Cured were treated reminded me of how Vietnam Veterans were harassed when they returned home from war. Were any of these parallels intentional, or was it just the recession?

DF: PTSD and the treatment of soldiers was definitely something I had in mind. Like you mentioned, Vietnam wasn’t like World War II, where the soldiers returned as heroes. And the refugee crisis as well; we have a camp here in Ireland, where these people were institutionalized—almost like they were being quarantined from the rest of society. This isn’t just how we treat these people in Europe, it’s the way the world treats asylum seekers where they’re regarded as rapist and criminals and all the terrible things Trump is saying—like other countries are giving us their worst, which has been proven to be totally false. That crisis was definitely an inspiration.

But yeah, studying the effects of PTSD was a big part of my research for The Cured. I wanted to explore what would happen if these people remembered the things they had done when they were infected. With the memories of all that killing, how do you normalize again? Is it even possible?

But yeah, I don’t even know if you can separate the recession and the refugee crisis. Especially the way asylum seekers are portrayed as these boogeymen. We saw the rise of all of these populist politicians that stoked this hate to serve their own ends. That’s why there’s a character in the film who uses this fear to get The Cured all riled up, but it’s just to serve his own ambitions. I think that’s what we have now. The rise in racism and hate crime is all connected to the recession.

DC: The ending of The Cured was ambiguous, or rather, open-ended. Were you setting up a sequel or is your intention to let this story stand?

DF: I definitely want to do something non-zombie, but it will depend on the response to the film. I wanted the story to end with redemption, so its complete in that way. But there’s still a story left to tell so we’ll see. Maybe it will proceed as a graphic novel.

DC: Anything else you want to tell our readers?

DF: To me, the scariest things are real, not unreal, so I hope The Cured sparks discussions, whether it be about politics or something else. Nothing is black and white; none of the characters are all right or all wrong.

Dread Central: How’d you get into acting?

Sam Keeley: I wanted to be a singer/songwriter. I was working on an album in order to become a rock star. But I had this high school guidance counselor who was like, “Look, I’m not going to let you do this. You need to at least have a backup plan.” After banging her head against a wall for a week or so, she said, “What about drama? With a drama degree, you can teach, do film studies, or become a critic.” I loved the idea!

DC: You’ve been in a handful of horror movies. What are your thoughts on the genre?

SK: I love horror movies and thrillers. These films are filled with such interesting characters. There’s the opportunity to be a bit bigger, more eccentric if you will. There are so many great parts in these films.

DC: Your role [in The Cured] couldn’t have been easy; Senan is nothing short of tortured. How did you prepare to play the part?

SK: When David first offered me the part, I had to think very seriously about whether I could pull it off. I wanted to make it as realistic as possible, despite the fantastic elements. I did a lot of research about people who had been institutionalized and reintegrated back into society; murderers and sex offenders who have to go through a system to be reintegrated and accepted by society. I looked at the human side of that.

I did a lot of reading about stressful situations. It was heavy work but it was worth it.

DC: One of the most compelling parts of the film was your relationship with Abbie. Can you talk about what it was like to work with Ellen Page and did she influence your performance?

SK: Great question. Ellen is a wonderful human being; so unbelievably talented. I had only known her from her work before we met on set. It was a tricky character for her because it was a mother role, but there was something else to it. She never missed a beat, and it really helped me to see my character through her eyes.

DC: What were the most difficult parts of the role for you?

SK: I lost a lot of weight for the shoot; I went vegetarian. But mostly, it was staying in a perplexed state—keeping one foot in that world. It was tough to do because it weighs you down. It was nice to wrap and let go of the character go, to let Senan dissolve into the air. It was hard to maintain that guilt; it was mentally taxing.

DC: What’s next for you?

SK: I just finished a project called Peace, directed by Robert David Port based on a novel by Richard Bausch. It’s the story of four soldiers during World War II. It’s a psychological story about these characters who become lost and have to rely on each other to survive the situation. We filmed in British Columbia for four weeks and it was amazing; all outdoors in freezing weather! I’m really excited about that.

DC: Is there anything else you want to tell our readers about The Cured?

SK: We worked really hard to bring something new to the genre and I hope people will see it with an open mind. The market is flooded with zombie movies, some of them good, some of them not so good. I think people have become somewhat jaded, but I hope they’ll see it with an open mind. Don’t expect your typical zombie movie.


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Joe Dante Will Executive Produce Teddy Bears Are For Lovers Feature Film!



“Ahhh!” or “Awww”?

I’m a big fan of films that combine horror with, for lack of a better term, “cute shit.” Take for instances movies like Critters and Gremlins. Love them.

It is with this in mind that not only do I love the short film Teddy Bears Are For Lovers but I am excited about today’s news.

Today Deadline reports that “Lost” and Cloverfield cinematographer Michael Bonvillain will be making his directorial debut with the feature adaptation of the classic short (which you can peep in its entirtly below).

Yes, not only are we getting a Teddy Bears Are For Lovers feature, but Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop will be creating the film’s killer teddys, and Joe f*cking Dante (Gremlins, Piranha) will be executive producer.

Cool, huh?

“It’s rare to find a project with the right balance of humor, scares and emotions that can make a film entertaining on so many various levels,” director Michael Bonvillain said in a statement. “This project, which at its heart is a love story, builds so many different layers on top of it to create an absolutely horrifying and hilarious thrill ride that keeps you entertained from start to finish. Having been involved as a cinematographer on a number of great films over the years that blended elements of horror and thriller with comedy, I’m excited to direct a project that I think hits all those notes and is hugely entertaining”.

Najeeb Khuda, Gavin Lurie, and Andrew Joustra, who run Endless Media added: “Teddy Bears immediately drew us in from page one because it has something that has become increasingly lacking at the multiplex… it’s a blast. Taking inspiration from the type of films we grew up with, this film hits every chord of why we love going to the movies: mixing just the right amount of thrills and scares with a fun joyride.”

I hoping and thinking that this film could be the new “cute sh*t” horror movie I have been waiting for since the release of Michael Dougherty’s Trick ‘r Treat (gotta love Sam). I don’t mean to get my expectations up TOO high, but if you’ve seen the original short film (again, available in its entirety below) then you know this premise and characters are utterly classic.

The original short film was directed by David Ernesto Vendrell, Matthew Hawksworth, and Almog Avidan Antonir. David Vendrell penned the script for the upcoming feature.

What do you think of the original short? Let us know below!


Set during a Valentine’s Day party, follows college playboy Collin and his current head-over-heels girlfriend Sarah as they are targeted by a group of bloodthirsty, but adorable teddy bears who come to life seeking revenge for the broken hearts of Collin’s ex-girlfriends. Together, the couple must evade the teddy bears and earn the forgiveness of these begrudged and wildly different ex-girlfriends before the sun rises in order to break the curse, all while confronting whether their current relationship is meant to be.


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