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#SDCC16: FX Bringing American Horror Story VR Experience, 25′ Tall The Strain Statue, and More!



FXlogo - #SDCC16: FX Bringing American Horror Story VR Experience, 25' Tall The Strain Statue, and More!

Lately one of the biggest players at the San Diego Comic-Con has been FX Networks with its awesome displays in the Hilton Bayfront Park located adjacent to the Convention Center, and this year they are really amping things up with a 25-foot tall “The Strain” exhibit and a virtual reality “American Horror Story” experience.

Read on for the details of all the FX sights you’ll be able to see at the 2016 SDCC.  Can’t make it to the show? Don’t worry… we’ll be sure to provide plenty of photos and play-by-play reports!

From the Press Release:
FX Networks is headed to the City in Motion, bringing innovative activations and live entertainment to San Diego this July!

The network will take center stage at the Hilton Bayfront Park during San Diego Comic-Con July 21-24, 2016, with groundbreaking activations and installations of fan-favorite shows “American Horror Story,” “The Strain,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” “Archer,” and “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll.” FXhibition will transport guests to each FX series through a visually arresting, one-of-a-kind interactive art space featuring the riveting “American Horror Story” Fearless VR Experience.

For attendees who love a thrill, “American Horror Story” will curate a virtual reality experience unlike any other that takes participants on a unique journey through terrifying encounters inspired by the hair-raising series. The AHS Fearless VR Experience will be an opportunity for “American Horror Story” fans to become a part of their favorite show and test the boundaries of their own fear. To avoid waiting in long lines, fans can reserve a spot at AHSReservations.com, beginning July 19th.

FXhibition will also offer Comic-Con revelers iconic photo opportunities with some of the network’s most beloved series. Art installations include:

  • “The Strain” will erect a 25-foot “infected” Lady Liberty statue.
  • “Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll’s” turbulent rock culture will be illustrated through a dramatic larger-than-life installation, featuring a smashed guitar with broken pieces several feet in size for a life-size exhibit.
  • On display in the FX Sculpture Garden, fans can take advantage of social media worthy photo opportunities with iconic characters sculpted as busts including “The Strain’s” Quinlan, the White Nun from “American Horror Story: Asylum,” “Archer’s” Pam Poovey, “Man Seeking Woman’s” Troll, Clown from “Baskets,” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s” Frank Reynolds as the “troll” character from The Nightman Cometh.

“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s” Paddy’s Pub will offer an escape from the heat, providing water on tap for fans to stay cool throughout the day. A real bar will house the water taps, and consumers will receive a branded collapsible cup to enjoy their drink. The FX Lounge will also be available throughout the day to provide shade and entertainment, where guests can rest their feet in seating inspired by some of the world’s most iconic chairs re-interpreted as notable props from various FX series, including the “American Horror Story: Hotel” Mattress as a Barcelona Bench and “Archer’s Martini Olive” as an Oliva Chair.

On Saturday, July 23, FX will host a broadcast of “Archer Live!” at the FXHibition space as part of a special “silent disco” featuring light-up headphones, setting the park aglow for a late night screening. The first 300 people who arrive will receive an “Archer” 4-in-1 blanket.

For details and more information on how to be a part of the FXHibition experience, visit FXSDCC.com.

sdcc fxhibition - #SDCC16: FX Bringing American Horror Story VR Experience, 25' Tall The Strain Statue, and More!






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