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Production Now Under Way on New Vampire Series So Dark



SoDark s - Production Now Under Way on New Vampire Series So Dark

The production team behind the award-winning short film So Dark have revealed plans to film a 7-episode season of their supernatural horror/thriller about a vampire “with a code” who hunts and feeds on only those that have escaped justice. The “So Dark” series project is a joint venture between producer Keri Maletto of NtheLite Productions (who also co-stars) and director/creator Al Lougher of Bluehouse Films.

Lougher explains, “It’s been three years since we released So Dark, the follow-up to our hit short film So Pretty, and we’ve been working hard on getting the script right for the first season. It’s been a labor of love working with a fantastic and gifted team to bring a unique vampire story to the table. Because of the saturation in this genre, we needed to ensure what we have is unique and hasn’t been told before. We believe that is the case with ‘So Dark,’ which intertwines a supernatural storyline that takes place both in the past and present day.”

“In this new and exciting original series, we will be creating a world that combines the gritty dark aesthetic of Seven with the back-to-roots vampire lore of the pre-Twilight era,” says Maletto.

Part of those unique elements is the addition of independent genre favorite Maria Olsen (Southbound, Starry Eyes, Paranormal Activity 3, “American Horror Story,” Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem) to the cast. Returning for the series are Jeremy Palko (“The Walking Dead,” “Bloodline,” “The Vampire Diaries”) as lead character and vampire Sean, Keri Maletto (“Devious Maids,” Patient Killer, Gore Orphanage) as the out-for-vengeance Agent Wilburn, and Todd Bruno (Tell, Not for Human Consumption, HazMat) as the curious Detective Russo.

Currently, the first two episodes of “So Dark” can be found on Amazon Prime Video. Maletto says of the service, “When we were considering where to place our first two episodes, the prequel to the series, we really didn’t know what to expect with Amazon. There were no metrics to be found for independent filmmakers, like us, to determine if it would be successful, so it was truly a test. So far, within a few weeks we have acquired over 125K views and are averaging 5,000 views daily. I feel pleased we went with Amazon. And we hope to continue using that platform as we release new episodes.”

When it comes to indie filmmaking, “So Dark” breaks typical expectations with its ability to create big production value with minimal budget. Maletto adds, “What we’re trying to do has never been done before within this genre. We’re making a high quality, high budget series that is independently financed and using various self-distribution models, such as Amazon, to distribute it online.” 

As of yet there are no exact dates for production, but Lougher remains optimistic. “This story is too good not to tell. We’ve got some great characters; a fantastic group of actors and writers; and a dedicated, hard-working, and passionate crew, all of whom want this story told. I promise to give any vampire fan an awesome, character-driven series that you’ll never forget.”

For more info visit “So Dark” on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

SoDark1 - Production Now Under Way on New Vampire Series So Dark

SoDark - Production Now Under Way on New Vampire Series So Dark





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