Death Note Prequel Helmer Revealed!

Death Note preuqel helmer revealed!We’re still anxiously awaiting news regarding a U.S. release of Shusuke Kaneko’s two amazing Death Note (review) films, which pumped some much needed life back into the J-horror scene last year.

Thankfully, foreign fright fans have even more to look forward to. Following the success of Kaneko’s horror epic, it was announced that a prequel was in the works centering around the exploits of the story’s quirky protaganist, known simply as “L” (which we told you about here). Word has been pretty quiet on the Eastern front, but today the folks at Nippon Television Network announced that they’ve found a director: none other than Ringu director Hideo Nakata.

“I was very pleased to receive the offer because I wanted to make more films in Japan,” said Nakata in a press release. “I would like to depict how [L] lived his very fascinating and eventful life. I would like to show the other side of L. His childhood days, which were not shown in the previous titles, will be depicted and people will see that his character is more than just an eccentric. It’s going to be full of showy, exciting action scenes. However, it won’t be an imitation of Hollywood action films. Since it is not a sequel, I want audiences to go in fresh with a story totally different than Death Note.”

The director of the original Ring tackling one of the craziest characters in horror history? Could this thing get any cooler?

For now, the project is being kept tightly under wraps, but we know that it’s not adapted from any existing materials. In the meantime, Viz Media continues to air episodes of the equally stunning anime series online, which should be enough to hold over fans. We’ll post more news as it develops!

Andrew Kasch

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