This Xenomorph Boglin Is Probably Your New Favorite Thing

Toys released in the 1980s were way cooler than the toys lining store shelves today, and one of the very coolest exports of the decade was the Boglins line. Distributed by Mattel in the late ’80s, Boglins were rubber hand puppets that allowed kids to take control of their very own monster friends, and they fittingly came housed in boxes made to look like cages.

We love them. We miss them. We want them back.

In addition to standard characters like Dwork, Drool, and Plunk, who all looked fairly similar aside from being different colors, the Boglins line spawned some pretty unique off-shoots, most notably the fish-like Aquatic Boglins and the truly awesome Halloween Boglins. The latter series included two Boglins named Bog-o-Bones and Blobkin, one painted to look like a skeleton and the other a jack-o’lantern. There were also Hairy Boglins and Mini Boglins, which are pretty self explanatory.

Unfortunately, the Boglins never joined forces with our favorite horror villains…


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We just came across a custom-made Boglins toy that we kind of need, like right now, and it fuses together the traditional Boglin with a Xenomorph from the Alien franchise. Dubbed “Alien Bog Monster,” the one-of-a-kind creation is a mash-up toy for the ages, and it’s yet another reminder that horror fans are the coolest and most creative people on the planet.

Meet your new BFF below!





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