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Penny Dreadful Comes to an End with Season 3 Finale



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Showtime pulled a fast one last night… instead of Episode 3.09, “The Blessed Dark,” being just the season finale of “Penny Dreadful,” it actually marked the end of the series. “I can absolutely confirm it is really over, the end — that’s all she wrote,” creator John Logan told Deadline.

He also provided the video you’ll find below along with another featuring stars Eva Green and Josh Hartnett, who discuss the end of the series.

BEWARE OF SPOILERS if you’re not entirely caught up…

In the two-hour finale, Green’s character, Vanessa Ives, was shot dead by Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler, the werewolf who has long loved her, to save London and the world from Dracula, his night creatures, and the end of days. After the burial of Ives amidst a reading of William Wordsworth’s poem Intimations of Immortality by Rory Kinnear’s Creature, the words “The End” appeared on the screen.

Might we ever see a return to this world? Logan said it’s a possibility, “…if [Showtime head] David Nevins comes to me in five years and says, ‘Hey, remember ‘Penny Dreadful’? What are your thoughts?,’ I would happily engage the conversation.”

For his part, Nevins added, “I’m always happy to speculate; there is no ‘This is done…’ I feel like it is a rich world that I think will live on for a very long time… Who knows? I’m always willing to talk about anything.”

As for why the fans weren’t made aware of the fact beforehand, Logan explains, “…they love the theatricality of the show that we’re not afraid to make the bold gesture. That’s what the ending of this series is; it is meant to be a strong, bold, theatrical ending because I think that’s what our fans like, and to water that down with an announcement or having them know I think would be an act of bad faith.”

So there you have it… sad to see the show go, or are you satisfied with the ending?

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