New Piranha, Demons Remake!

Pirahna 3-D (click to see it bigger)So how about this for weird? The other day we reported the odd news that Alexandre Aja would be stepping behind the camera for a remake of Joe Dante’s horror/comedy Piranha (read it here if you don’t remember).

Said news story prompted a rep from Koa Films to e-mail with news of not only another new Piranha movie in the works, Piranha 3-D: The Invisible Menance, but a remake of Beyond the Door and Lamberto Bava’s Demons (under the title Demons Underground) coming our way from the producer of James Cameron’s Piranha 2, Ovidio Assonitis!

For those not familiar with the name, have no fear; we’re here to inform! Assonitis was known back in the day for producing AIP Films’ Tentacles, the Lance Henriksen- starrer The Visitor and Beyond the Door, which had legal action taken against it by Warner Bros. because it was so similar to The Exorcist; it ended up being one of the most successful horror films in Italy’s history, however.

Now he’s producing the sequel and both remakes mentioned above through his Koa Films Entertainment brand. Though not much is known about the plots for any, we were informed that Piranha 3-D will shoot at a remote snow resort in the U.S., Beyond the Door will be remade between Chicago and Bangkok, and Demons Underground will take place in Chicago.

I’ve not heard of any of these movies before today but damnit if I’m not intrigued by all of them. Hopefully Koa’s official site will be updated soon with info on all three, but if not we’ll keep it coming to you as we learn it!

Beyond the Door remake! (click to see it bigger) Demons Underground! (click to see it bigger)

Johnny Butane

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