Earth Vs. The Transmorphers!

The Asylum gets Transmorphers!I freely admit that this falls into the category of sci-fi and not horror, but, hey, we’ve done news and reviews for this site in the past for films that involved killer robots. Besides, it’s just too good to not report on.

When I first heard about the movie Robot Wars, all I could think was what a bland, generic, boring title it was. I was hoping that title would get changed to something, anything, with a little more zip to it. Little did I suspect that I’d surf over to The Asylum’s official website the other day and find Transmorphers staring me in the face. Genius!

Yep, good old Asylum, the same company that has in the past given us such horror movie knock-offs as When a Killer Calls, 666: The Child, and Hillside Cannibals. This one doesn’t even have anything in common with Transformers outside of both films involving giant hulking robots from outer space. Don’t tell that to the Asylum’s marketing department. Hey, it helps pay the bills, right? This practice used to annoy me. This time I just smile with glee.

According to Asylum writer-director Leigh Scott, his upcoming sci-fi action thriller about a race of alien robots conquering the Earth and forcing the surviving members of the human race underground until a small group of human rebels decides to fight back some 300 years later is not intended to be a knock-off of Michael Bay’s upcoming mega-budget Transformers movie. That seems fairly obvious just from reading the plot synopsis; sounds like a scenario that has more in common with movies like Battlefield Earth and elements of The Terminator than that of a certain “robots in disguise” flick coming this summer. Nothing I’ve read or heard about Scott’s film indicates that the giant robots will even transform. Or should I now say, “transmorph”?

In keeping with the new title change and the movie that the title is mimicking, I urge The Asylum to change the tagline for their film to “More than the eye can see” in order to keep pace with Transformers’ “More than meets the eye”.

But in all seriousness, though the title may make eyes roll, that artwork will move DVDs off shelves. Hat’s off to whoever at The Asylum came up with that eye-catching cover art. That’s money! That’s the sort of cover art that sells DVDs; the kind that more DVD companies should be putting out there on their genre products instead of the usual assortment of photoshopped images, floating heads, giant eyeballs, etc. I know I’m already sold.

Transmorphers will begin laying waste to DVD shelves on June 26th; just eight days before Transformers is released to theaters. Coincidence? Of course not.

The Foywonder

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