MacColl, Catriona (Working with Lucio Fulci)

Dread Central’s own Heather Buckley recently sat down with Catriona MacColl to discuss her collaborations with Lucio Fulci as well as her courtship with French horror cinema.

The videos include a hard-to-find Shiseido commercial Catriona was in early on in her career, tales of Jacques Demy (Lady Oscar) and her start in French films, and stories of the great Fulci and how she tamed him during their time together on set.

Fans of City of the Living Dead, The Beyond, and The House by the Cemetery should not miss these two exclusive interviews.

Thanks to Mike Baronas for coordinating the interview for us.

Part 1: Working in France

Catriona MacColl on Working in France
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Part 2: Working with Lucio Fulci

Catriona MacColl on Working with Lucio Fulci
Uploaded by dreadcentral. – Full seasons and entire episodes online.

Our thanks to Catriona for taking the time to speak with us!

Heather Buckley

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