Last Horror Pulled From UK

Last Horror out of the UKNow this is scary, real-life scary and worrisome in regard to how future films like this might be treated.

A rep from Jinga Films, the production/distro house run by Julian Richards, just sent out a link to a story on Time Out London explaining that Tartan UK will no longer be making any new discs for The Last Horror Movie (review), Richards’ debut about a serial killer who videotapes his crimes and plants them in home video stores across the UK.

The reason they’re stopping all production is where it gets scary. Apparently a disturbed teenager in Yorkshire murdered two of his friends back in 2005, and it was just revealed recently that he did so after watching The Last Horror Movie repeatedly over the course of four days. Tartan is pulling all copies of the film not because they believe there is a link between watching violence and committing it but, as they state, “as a mark of respect for the families of all concerned.”

Thankfully it’s not as simple as horror movies being blamed for the deaths, as pretty much any article you can find about the incident states that the accused teenager has a history of mental health issues. Still, it harkens back to the Dark Ages when horror films were blamed for all sorts of evil, and I hope this is the last we hear of these horrific acts being link to our genre.

Johnny Butane

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