Exclusive: Hills 2 Pre-Review

Hills Have Eyes 2 Poster (click for larger image)Deep in the bowels of New York Comic Con, I met a fan of Dread Central who, like most of the people we meet at events, was very enthusiastic about the horror genre. Within 10 minutes of talking I discovered he had actually seen The Hills Have Eyes 2, so I worked on redirecting that enthusiasm toward giving me every detail about the film! Our new friend was more than happy to comply, and the following overview is what came of that discussion. Please note that it is not the intention of DC to spoil this film for you, so as you read on, know that I’m not going to ruin the story of the movie. Think of this as a pre-review!

Hills 2, as you know by now, starts out with a particularly horrific scene of a woman giving birth. What makes this so insane as an opening scene is … you see everything … the baby coming out, blood and other nameless viscera, the works. This is the birth of a newborn mutant who one day will grow up big and strong with a thirst for human flesh. Awwww. So cute. Way to set the tone of a movie, huh?

So now we flash forward to today where a group of hot young Army reservists are being trained and are backing up scientists presumably running tests out in this wasteland. The action escalates in mere moments as people go missing, and one turns up a little worse for wear with words of doom for all. DOOOM I TELL YOU!! It seems this wasteland is not as deserted as they had figured. Cue the explosions.

If you can believe it, this sequel to the new school Hills Have Eyes has less sanity going for it than the first! I had a damn good time in the theatre for the first film, and it looks like the second installment will be equally disturbing, unrelenting, and mean-spirited. Mutants pop out of every nook and cranny the hills have to offer, dragging soldiers to their death or worse if you are a female. Oh yeah, the females don’t die first … or fast; They get treated to a special brand of hell and of course, Wes Craven lets you watch. Sick, sick puppies. Our unnamed source said he laughed inappropriately on more than one occasion, an experience shared by all those watching around him. Imagine an entire theatre full of people laughing at a horrible death scene that normally only you would have found funny. Where the hell was this theatre?! He went on to say that there are some particularly gruesome scenes that will surely make the more squeamish in the audience recoil in horror. The mutants toy with their prey before claiming a very satisfying kill, drenched with blood and gore.

Hills 2 is a psychotic roller coaster that’s come off the tracks. All you can do is watch as each car launches its passengers into the air, one by one, flailing to their deaths. After my on the fly interview, all I can say is I’m psyched to see this vicious little tale. On March 23rd hit the theatre, turn your brain off, and just enjoy the carnage!


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