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Roth, Eli (Thanksgiving, Cabin Fever, Hostel 3, Endangered Species)



Eli Roth Talks Cabin Fever, Hostel 3, Endangered Species, Thanksgiving, and More!Next week Cabin Fever (the movie that made me use a little extra caution every time I shave my legs) and its sequel, Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever, will be coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD, respectively.

Dread Central found this to be the perfect reason to catch up with writer/producer/director-turned-notable actor Eli Roth to reflect on the film that put him on the horror map and what he’s doing these days when he isn’t celebrating all the award season success of Inglourious Basterds, the highly acclaimed Quentin Tarantino flick that was released this past summer.

Cabin Fever was part of a new breed of horror that took audiences to visceral levels. Several years leading up to 2003, when Roth’s vision of horror was unleashed onto unsuspecting fans, the genre had been playing it safe with a slew of PG-13 releases. Studios wondered if audiences were ready to dabble in some R-rated horror.

Roth knew they were. I asked Roth to discuss his experiences with his journey of getting Cabin Fever onto the big screen.

I wrote Cabin Fever in 1995 so it was an eight-year process for me,” explained Roth. “It took six years just to raise the money. So many people told me that I was crazy because horror was a dead genre when I was working on trying to make Cabin Fever happen. But I knew I had to keep persevering to make the movie become a reality.

We had the wildest audience during the test screening, which is what convinced Lionsgate to release it in theaters. I really think 2003 was the breakthrough year for R-rated horror, and I am honored that I got to be a part of that,” Roth added.

While it’s not unusual for a director to step away from directing a sequel in a franchise he starts, I wanted to find out from Roth what his actual involvement was with Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever.

Roth said, “When we sold the original Cabin Fever, the first thing we discussed was that I had to do a treatment for a sequel as part of my deal. My idea for the sequel was a ‘Song of the South’ horror movie filled with corpses and sex. The studio wasn’t on board with that so I wished them the best of luck and moved on.

When I met Ti West, I really liked him and I liked his work. I told the producers to hire Ti and told him to go nuts and make the sequel completely his own vision. So he took it in a totally new direction,” added Roth.

Another franchise that Roth had under his belt was Hostel, and since I knew he wouldn’t be back to helm the third installment, I asked him to talk about his decision to step away from the series.

In terms of Hostel 3 I feel like I pretty much have given all I could to the first two films,” explained Roth, “but I have imagined what I would do if I was doing a third film. I’d want to do it in black & white and make it feel like a 40s post-war horror movie.

Since Roth won’t be heading back into Hostel or Cabin Fever territory anytime soon, it was time to find out just what he has been up to these days. Turns out, he has multiple projects on his plate.

Roth said, “I recently ran into Robert Rodriguez, and we were talking about how happy he is with Machete and how we need to get Thanksgiving done. Jeff Rendell is currently working on the script so I can focus on my next project, Endangered Species.

What I can say though, remembering back, is that Thanksgiving was the most fun thing I have ever shot, especially the scene with the girl on the trampoline. We were all supposed to stay in the grindhouse style of shooting, using one to two takes for each shot. But as soon as I get a hot girl on a trampoline, I suddenly turn into Stanley Kubrick and now we’re doing 74 takes,” Roth joked.

While Roth had to stay pretty tight-lipped on his current script project for Endangered Species, I asked him to talk about what he loves about science fiction.

I love sci-fi movies, especially Alien and Star Wars,” explained Roth. “I think sci-fi as a genre has been taken over by outer space movies, so people have forgotten what real science fiction is. I want to bring back real old-school science fiction with Endangered Species. It’s going to be something really different.

Will Roth succeed in reviving old-school science fiction? Only time will tell. For now, you’ll have both Cabin Fever unrated on Blu-ray (review here) and Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever on DVD (review here) to tide you over.

Heather Wixson

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Amazon Developing Stephen King’s The Dark Tower TV Series



The Dark TowerIt’s been a while since we brought you guys an update on the planned TV series based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower book series.

But today it looks like we have confirmation via Deadline that, “Amazon… is developing a slew of high-profile titles, including The Dark Tower…”

The series is being developed by Amazon as part of their bid to move into bigger budgeted spectacles ala their recent acquisition of the rights to The Lord of the Rings.

No further info is available at this time but we will keep you up to date as we hear word on Amazon’s “The Dark Tower.”

Are you excited about this series? Let us know below!


Roland Deschain (Idris Elba), the last Gunslinger, is locked in an eternal battle with Walter O’Dim (Matthew McConaughey), also known as the Man in Black. The Gunslinger must prevent the Man in Black from toppling the Dark Tower, the key that holds the universe together. With the fate of worlds at stake, two men collide in the ultimate battle between good and evil.


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Rutger Hauer Says There Was No Love and No Soul in Blade Runner 2049



I don’t know about you, but I dug the hell out of last summer’s Blade Runner 2049. I found the film to be a tonally perfect addition to the Blade Runner universe and appreciated how it built on the story established in the original film.

That said, there are some out there that aren’t fans of the sequel – most of all, it seems, is the original film’s baddie, Rutger Hauer.

Recently, Hauer spoke with THR and didn’t hold back on his dislike of the new film.

“I sniff and scratch at it,” Hauer says. “It looks great, but I struggle to see why that film was necessary. I just think if something is so beautiful, you should just leave it alone and make another film. Don’t lean with one elbow on the success that was earned over 30 years in the underground.”

He continues: “In many ways Blade Runner wasn’t about the replicants; it was about what does it mean to be human? It’s like E.T. But I’m not certain what the question was in the second Blade Runner. It’s not a character-driven movie and there’s no humor, there’s no love, there’s no soul. You can see the homage to the original. But that’s not enough to me. I knew that wasn’t going to work. But I think it’s not important what I think.”

Wow, don’t hold back, Hauer. Tell us how you really feel!

I’m kidding. And while I don’t agree with Hauer on this particular issue, the man has more than earned the right to think it IS “important what [he] thinks.

Do you agree with Rutger Hauer on Blade Runner 2049? Let us know below!

Thirty years after the events of the first film, a new blade runner, LAPD Officer K (Ryan Gosling), unearths a long-buried secret that has the potential to plunge what’s left of society into chaos. K’s discovery leads him on a quest to find Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford), a former LAPD blade runner who has been missing for 30 years.


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Ash vs Evil Dead Set Visit Part 2: Learning About Kelly, Pablo, and Brandy



If you haven’t read through the first part of my set visit for the third season of “Ash vs Evil Dead”, make sure to do so here.

After walking through the halls of Brandy’s high school, the sperm bank clinic that has been seen in the trailer, Brock’s house, and the streets of Elk Grove (all through the magic of set designs), it was time to sit down with stars Dana DeLorenzo and Ray Santiago, who told me about their characters Kelly and Pablo through this season of “Ash vs Evil Dead”! Oh, and there’s also a lot from Arielle Carver-O’Neill about her character Brandy as well, because who can resist hearing from Ash’s daughter?

After finding out that Dana, who is from Youngstown, Ohio, is a fan of the Ohio State Buckeyes, our interview nearly ended. After all, your boy is a Wolverine, through and through, and anyone who knows sports rivalries knows that Buckeyes and Wolverines don’t get along. That being said, we managed to put aside our differences so that I could learn a bit about Kelly and what she’ll be going through this season.

I really loved Kelly’s journey in season one and two. It was very exciting to play because, in a way, it mirrored my own as an actor coming into a franchise like this. Just like Kelly was dragged into this fight against evil and was caught completely off guard, it was very similar to the actor struggling for 10 years. I was living in Los Angeles working at a bar when I got this job. All of a sudden I’m being thrown into this with this incredible franchise, with the amazing producers of Rob Tapert, Sam Raimi, Bruce Campbell, where a franchise that’s built upon one man, a lone wolf as we’ve said, who is the star of this show and now he’s going to have sidekicks, that was terrifying as well! But it was really cool because I feel like I got to grow with Kelly and every time Kelly did something new, it was me doing something new,” DeLorenzo explains.

Expanding on that, DeLorenzo starts telling me more about Kelly and how she specifically changes through the upcoming season, saying, “At the end of season two, there’s the parade. And if you look, you can see that Kelly isn’t happy. Kelly is the smart one of that trifecta, the ghostbeaters. She knows that evil is not gone for good, which brings us to season three. Now that she’s tasted blood, she’s constantly chasing that high. So, at the start of season three, Kelly is a warrior without a war. She wants to stay on her game for when evil comes back. Her journey for season three…evil paints Kelly in a bloody corner and sets up her to fail where she can’t do what she does best, which is kick evil’s ass. She’s put in these catch-22 situations that she can’t fight her way out of without someone she cares about getting hurt. I think fans will be shocked at her transformation [this season].”

The theme of family running throughout this season of the show is not lost on DeLorenzo, who recognizes that Kelly’s ultimate purpose throughout this series is called into question through events that she wasn’t able to elaborate upon. However, she did tell me, “It was always about protecting and staying by the side of Ash and Pablo because they are not her family by blood but they are her family by bloodshed.

When describing the ghostbeaters, she calls Ash the “brawn”, Pablo the “heart”, and Kelly the “brains”. Later, as I sat with Arielle Carver-O’Neill, I asked what Brandy represents, to which she stated, “the hope”. “They all become very protective of Brandy and are very supportive of her journey,” Carver-O’Neill explains.

I asked her to envision a world where a fourth season is confirmed and how she’d like to see Brandy’s role expanded. Pondering this for a couple of moments, she then told me, “I’d like to see her find herself a bit more. I think just because she’s a teenager, you go through that journey at that age where you are figuring out who you are and your parents, either consciously or unconsciously, play a large role in that. For her, she only had her mum and then she found parts of herself in her dad. But she’s got a lot of growing up to do and I think that’d be really fun to explore how she goes about that.

For Santiago, the character and evolution of Pablo throughout the series has a very personal meaning for him. “As a kid, I grew up watching horror films and I always wanted to be the hero saving people from the monster and I always wanted to be the person chased by the monster. I think, in this show, I have the opportunity do that every day as Pablo and I’m one step closer to becoming the superhero I wanted to be as a kid,” he states.

As for his evolution, Santiago sees Pablo as going from a pushover in the first season to someone very important and potentially very powerful in the third season. “We’ve seen Pablo go from this naive guy [in the first season] that’s pushed through the ringer to last season and…the Necronomicon and Pablo have an undeniable relationship that will never end. As we move into this third season, Pablo sees things differently. He’s not just tormented by his visions of darkness, we see that he may not be just a sidekick but also psychic! We’re going back to his family and we callback to his roots. Perhaps it wasn’t just a coincidence that he met Ash and that he himself was always destined to be somewhat of a Jefé. I think season three is where we see all that coming to fruition. He’s not just along for the ride, he’s become an integral part of the team.

Part III of our set visit coming soon!


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