Sin-Eating Sand Golem Cometh

What is it about dusty back roads, decrepit old houses in the middle of nowhere, and ghost towns that beckons to groups of twenty-somethings on a weekend excursion? How many horror movie characters under the age of thirty have lost their lives because they just had to take that shortcut or their curiosity got the best of them? Well, I guess we should thank goodness they do so; otherwise we’d have a lot fewer horror flicks. Case in point: The Golem.

“Putting their hectic lives on hold for the weekend, a group of twenty-something pals decide to leave Los Angeles for a well deserved camping excursion in the Mojave Desert. Crammed into a loaded passenger van, the eight young men and women are bumping along the crumbling roads north of L.A. County when a dilapidated ghost town appears along the highway. Curiosity overcomes them, and eight travelers disembark to explore the abandoned structures amid the eerie sand dunes and are attacked by a sand monster. – The Golem.”

Now as a little twist, each of the potential Golem victims exemplifies one of the seven deadly sins, the title monster being a creature that seeks out such people. Seeing as how there are only seven deadly sins and eight potential victims, I’m guessing the odd man or woman out will be the lucky sole survivor.

For the uninitiated, the golem is a creature from Jewish folklore, a creature composed of inanimate matter. In this case, it’s a demonic creature composed of sand. Some of the computer effects shown bringing this golem to life in the film’s trailer do appear a tad hokey, but I’m hoping that’s just a matter of it being unpolished effects work – the movie is still in post-production.

If you head over to the Spirit Films website, you’ll find both that trailer for The Golem and a seemingly spoiler-heavy “making of” video that conked out on me about 90 seconds in. According to the film’s director, Ace Cruz, the hope is to have The Golem good to go by the Cannes Film Festival and on DVD shelves by December. We’ll see.

The Foywonder

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