Immigrants Face Horror In Gringos Trailer

With the Syrian immigration crisis that’s been dominating headliners for the last few months, in addition to a certain Republican politician’s obsessions with building a border wall around Mexico and banning Muslims from entering the US, now seems like the perfect time for an immigrant based horror film.

Gringos, which is now raising money on Kickstarter, to complete post production is exactly that. A horror film about a group of undocumented immigrants who find that the promise of the work that they so desperately need may just end up costing them their lives. The trailer below doesn’t say a whole lot about the plot, but we have the trusty official synopsis for that.

They’ve got a surprisingly high-profile cast onboard too, including Lynn Collins, who appeared in John Carter and both Wolverine films, Macfarland USA star Rigo Sanchez, and 2 Fast 2 Furious star Roberto Sanchez. Max Pachman directs.

A group of undocumented workers are lured into a wealthy woman’s home only to discover the terrifying fate she has in store for them.

Everyday, thousands of immigrants line the parking lots of hardware stores and climb into cars with strangers they’ve never met, all for the promise of paid work. Does anyone really know what happens after they drive off? Shouldn’t it be somewhat unnerving to bring a carload of strangers to your home? But…what if the one doing the HIRING is the one that should be feared most?

In Gringos, a group of undocumented workers are lured into the home of Liz Rhodes with the promise of their biggest payday, only to discover the terrifying fate she has in store for them.

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